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TV on the Radio is a critically acclaimed chart topping band that blends post-punk, electronic, art rock, trip hop, free jazz, doo wap and soul music into an innovative sound. The band is comprised of vocalist Tunde Adebimpe, guitarist/vocalist Kyp Malone, programmer/synthesist David Andrew Sitek, and drummer/programmer Jaleel Bunton. Their four album releases since 2004 have all reached the Billboard Charts. The first release in 2004 Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes was number 11 on the Top Independent chart. “Return to Cookie Mountain reached 41 on the Billboard in 2006. The band's 2008 release “Dear Science” received widespread critical acclaim being named as the best album of 2008 by Rolling Stone, MTV, Entertainment Weekly, Spin Magazine, The Guardian, Pazz, and Pitchfork Media's readers poll. Their current 2011 release ”Nine Types of Light” reached number 5 in Top Rock Albums and number 12 in the Billboard 200. They have toured the U.S. and Europe extensively and have appeared on Saturday Night Live, the Late Show with David Letterman, Later with Jools Holland, and The Colbert Report.

“TV on the Radio …have become, quite possibly, the most critically-acclaimed act of this decade.”- About.Com Artist Profile - By Anthony Carew

“At a time when people say everything has been done, TV on the Radio has come along with something no one can easily label -- an aggressive mix that blends the vocals of two would-be soulmen with tape loops, drones, tribal percussion and churning indie-rock guitars.” - Scott Mervis Pittsburgh Post Gazette

Two of the members of TV on the Radio grew up in Pittsburgh: founding member Tunde Adebimpe and guitarist Kyp Malone. Tunde Adebimpe, who was born in Nigeria, immigrated to the United States when he was three years old. After his psychiatrist father completed his medical residency in St Louis, Adebimpe’s family settled in Hampton Township near Pittsburgh. He came from an artistic musical family as his father is a painter, writer, and classical pianist, his sister is a gospel and opera singer, and his brother was a writer. Tunde attended Shady Side Academy from 1989 to 93 where he formed a rap band called the Apocalyptic Polyester Horsemen. After graduation from Shadyside he attended film school at the New York University Tisch School of the Arts. Specializing in stop-action animation he began his entertainment career in 1998 working on several episodes of MTV's “Celebrity Death Match" including the Michael Jackson vs. Madonna, and the Beastie Boys vs. Backstreet Boys matches. He was one of the 12 original animators on the show. Adebimpe settled in the Williamsburg section of Brooklyn where he met David Andrew Sitek and formed TV on the Radio in 2001. Getting into acting Adebimpe played the lead character Jorge in the acclaimed indie film "Jump Tomorrow" in 2001. In 2008 Adebimpe appeared as the groom in the movie “Rachel Getting Married” that starred Anne Hathaway. He sings an a cappella cover of the Neil Young song "Unknown Legend" in the movie.

Kyp Malone was born in Pittsburgh’s Allegheny General Hospital and grew up in Moon Township. As child he studied violin, viola, mandolin, and guitar. His interest in punk and indie music started when he attended shows at the Upstage Lounge promoted Manny Theiner and when he bought music at the indie music store Eide's. He grew up listing to Pittsburgh bands like the Affordable floors, Hector in Paris, and the Clarks along with bands like Depeche Mode and REM. After completing high school in New Jersey he returned to Pittsburgh and worked at the Beehive Cafés in Southside and Oakland. He slept in a crawl space above the Southside Café when he did not have a place to live. In his free time he played music and drew and painted. One day at the Oakland Beehive, his artist friend Sonia Yoon brought along her friend Tunde Adebimpe. Kyp and Tunde meeting for the first time had coffee together that day, but didn’t meet again for another eight years. At age 21 in 1994 Kyp moved to San Francisco. He supported himself working at the Potrero Hill coffee shop Farley's. He made his professional music debut performing and recording with the improvisational duo Rocket Science & the Nigger Loving Faggots in San Francisco in the 90's. He left San Francisco when a woman he had a child with moved back to the East Coast to be with her family. He moved to the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn to be near his daughter Isabel. Kyp began recording and performing on his own in 2000 in Brooklyn using the name "Black Lights" and later the "Rain Machine". He formed the noise-pop band “Iran” with film director/singer/songwriter Aaron Aites later year 2000. In 2001 Kype supplemented his income working at the Verb Café, where Tunde Adebimpe him recognized from their Beehive Café meeting with Sonia Yoon eight years earlier.

David Andrew Sitek met Tunde Adebimpe when they became neighbors in a loft building in the Williamsburg neighborhood of Brooklyn. Sitek moved to New York in 2000 from Baltimore where he had recorded with a local band. Sitek and Adebimpe discovered that they both were writing and recording similar experimental music. They decided to work together using a four track machine. They recruited Sitek's brother Jason to play drums and other instruments on the recordings. The sessions resulted in a self-released disc of 18 "Zappaesque" experimental tracks called “OK Calculator”. They distributed it in coffeehouses and bookstores around their Brooklyn neighborhood for free. It generated a buzz and they were offered a weekly gig at a Brooklyn club. They added Guitarist Kyp Malone to the band for their first live show on Valentine's Day, 2003.

In Baltimore Sitek had met Nick Zinner, a member of the band Yeah Yeah Yeahs who had signed with Chicago indie label Touch & Go. Sitek sent a demo to Corey Rusk of Touch & Go who was so impressed that he signed TV on the Radio without ever seeing them perform. Touch & Go released the "Young Liars" EP in the summer of 2003. The band promoted the release on a tour opening for the Fall. Their first full length CD “ Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes” was released in the summer 2004 debuting at No. 11 on Billboard's Top Independent Albums chart. It sold more than 76,000 copies. It won that the 2004 Shortlist Prize, which recognized notable albums that sold less than 500,000 copies. They toured with the Faint and the Pixies and released the “New Health Rock” EP in the fall of 2004.

In 2006 TV on the Radio signed with Interscope and released “Return to Cookie Mountain” that that featured David Bowie on backing vocals along with guest appearances Celebration, Dragons of Zynth, Martin Perna and Stuart D. Bogie of Antibalas, Blonde Redhead, Nick Zinner of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs'. They released “Dear Science in 2008 to wide spread acclaim. They went on hiatus during 2009 to work on solo projects. Kyp Malone released his own Rain Machine CD in 2009 on the Anti label and appeared on Iran's 2009 CD "Dissolver". Sitek formed the Maximum Balloon project and released a CD in 2010. Sitek has also produced recordings by the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Liars, Foals, Celebration, Jane's Addiction. In 2008 Sitek was named Number One in NME's Future 50 list of the most forward thinking people in music today. TV On the Radio released its 5th album “Nine Types of Light” on Interscope in early 2011.
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