Mike Stout

The World's Grievance Man
Blue Collar Rocker Who Sings With A Cause in His Heart

Mike Stout is an internationally known socially conscious singer song-writer and in your face take charge social activist. Taking his music to the picket lines and protest rallies Mike leads crusades against economic and environmental injustice calling people to action.  Like his musical heroes Woody Guthrie and Pete Seeger his songs urge people to unite in solidarity to fight for a better life and to fight for a world safe from war and environmental degradation. For more than three decades, Mike Stout has been writing, recording and performing songs that tell the stories of the working class heroes of U.S. labor history and their struggles for peace, social  justice and a decent standard of living. 

Working with all-star casts of nationally known Pittsburgh musicians and producers Mike has released 13 independent CDs and recorded over 150 songs. Mike Stout's "Point of Pittsburgh", "Americana Dreams" and "Breaking The Chains" CDs were named notable releases by the Pittsburgh Post Gazette. His "Calling Steeler Nation" video was viewed over 100,000 times and was named "One of the best tributes I've ever seen to the borderless 'nation' of Steelers fans" by Dan Gigler in the Pittsburgh Post Gazette Blog-N-Gold.  The song 'People to People" from his "Full Circle" CD brought him to the attention of music fans in Germany.

Mike Stout has performed at concert halls, outdoor festivals, clubs, union conventions and schools across the United States and Europe.  The highlight of his 2007 German tour was a concert at Berlin's Brandenburg Gate playing for thousands at the national protest day.  Stout has appeared in Germany on eight concert tours and has performed in Paris, Denmark, Poland, and the Czech Republic with his message of human solidarity and peace.

On Sept 7, 2012 Mike was invited to perform in tribute to the 100th Anniversary of the birth of folk-singer Woody Guthrie at the PA Labor History Society concert held at the State Theater in State College, Pa. He performed with Noel Paul Stookey (of Peter, Paul, an Mary), Anne Feeney, and Si Kahn. The event was part of the national Grammy Awards Woody Guthrie celebration. Mike performed his ode to Woody "America's Favorite Son"

Stout performs in schools across Pennsylvania teaching students with his songs about the forgotten unsung heroes of history. They are people who fought for worker safety, the 8 hour work day, free speech, and freedom, but who are not mentioned in our school history books. They are working class organizers such abolitionist and renaissance man Martin Delany, the cotton mill women of the 1840’s, Crystal Eastman, Fannie Sellins, the workers of the Pressed Steel Car Strike in McKees Rocks, the union organizers of the New Deal, Father Charles Owen Rice, Captain Sean (George.) and the resisters of the plant shutdowns in the 1980’s. His message is that we should not take for granted the rights that they won for us.

As a union leader and social activist Mike Stout has fought for improved worker safety and came to the aid of the unemployed by founding food banks and economic development councils. As an environmentalist he works to educate the public on the dangers of global warming and fracking. Mike was one of the founding members of Pennsylvanians United For Single-Payer Healthcare (PUSH) that has been in the forefront in the fight for single-payer, universal healthcare. In Pittsburgh Stout fought the closing of the Braddock Hospital and successfully stopped the closing of trolley stops used by the elderly.

In 2007 the Pennsylvania Labor and History Society presented Mike Stout with the Mother Jones Award for his efforts as a social leader and as a performer who uses music to bring about change.  

John Hayes of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette wrote of Mike "In the Woody Guthrie tradition, his songs reflect contemporary issues without resorting to journalism. They're more like partisan op-ed columns that grab political opponents by the throat and don't let go." 

"It’s high time to make the powers that be dance to a different tune and Mike has supplied the soundtrack for that mission. I believe music can be a driving force for change and I’m glad Mike Stout is behind the wheel." -Paulo Freire of elecpencil.wordpress.com

Scott Mervis, music critic of the Pittsburgh Gazette, wrote “There are a lot of guys out there who pass themselves off as blue-collar rockers, but Mike Stout is unquestionably the real thing”. 

Mike was a blue collar steel worker and a union leader. Mike tells stories from his heart about people who are affected by unemployment, social injustice, environmental hazards, or war. Mike is not out to be a rich rock star. As he’s stated on numerous occasions, “the kind of ‘change’ I’m interested in ain’t coins or money, but social movements.”

Kentucky to New York City

Michael Stout was born to a large family of twelve brothers and sisters in Kentucky.  His father owned a print shop and taught his sons the business. Mike, with guitar in hand, made his way to New York City in 1968 and began his music career playing original protest songs at Café Wa, the Bitter End, and the Gaslight. 

Homestead Steeler and Grievance Man

In search of a steady living at a good wage Mike Stout moved to Pittsburgh in 1977 to become a steelworker at the great Homestead Works. He worked as a crane operator on the 100 inch and 160 inch mills  Mike was elected head grievance man of U.S Steel Workers Union Local 1397 representing 8,000 workers at the Homestead plant.  U.S. Steel began to shut down parts of the mill in the 1980s.  Whole groups of workers who were months short of qualifying for their 20-year early-retirement pensions were let go. Mike fought to win more than $10 million in lost wages, severance pay, pensions, and unemployment benefits for 3,000 displaced workers. He fought the closing of the steel mills of Western Pa and Eastern Ohio.

Steel Workers Benefit Concert

In the 1980’s most of the great steel mills in the Pittsburgh Tri-State area closed.  Thousands were out of work with little hope of finding new jobs. The unemployment benefits of thousands of families ran out. They were losing their homes in foreclosure. Seven of Mike's co-workers committed suicide and 60 friends died within four years of the plant closings. The people of the Mon Valley were going hungry. 

Mike Stout, Local 1397, and Rick Granati of the Granati Brothers in April of 1982 organized a benefit concert at the Stanley Theater to aid the unemployed.  The concert was covered by CBS, NBC, the AP, the UPI, the New York Times and the international press.  National attention was drawn to the struggles of the unemployed steel workers.  Under pressure the county sheriff slowed home foreclosures. Unemployment benefits and job training were extended. The funds raised by the concert were donated to the newly formed Homestead Local 1397 Food-bank.  The hungry families of the Mon Valley were fed.  The success of Homestead Food Bank led to the creation of the Greater Pittsburgh. Community Food Bank which has been feeding the needy and unemployed of the Pittsburgh area for more than 25 years. 

Social Action

Continuing his efforts to aid the unemployed Mike became a board member of Just Harvest, a founding board member of the Steel Valley Authority, and a member of the Tri-State Conference on Steel: all organizations that aid displaced workers and the poor.  He met with Senators Heinz and Spector urging them to investigate American steel company who were shutting down plants to import foreign made steel.  Mike twice ran for state legislator narrowly loosing.  In 1990 his lost by a mere 39 votes.

The doors of the historic Homestead Works were locked forever on April 1st 1987. Mike was the last Steel worker out of the building. He struggle for two years to find work. With equipment donated to him by the Catholic Church and the union Mike went back to the printing skills that his father taught him. He opened Steel Valley Printers in 1989 as an employee-owned print shop on Eight Avenue in downtown Homestead.  The shop is located just 8 blocks from former main entrance of the Homestead Works.

Forging a Music Career

During his after-work hours, Mike started writing songs again and began his recording career. Remembering the devastating effects that the steel mill closing had on his friends and co-workers, Mike wrote songs urging people to fight back in solidarity.  Through his words and music Mike became known as “the world’s grievance man”.  He took up the grievances of the working people urging them  to stand up against the trampling of hard won labor rights and to resist the destruction of the environment from fracking and man-made climate change.

Working with producers Buddy Hall. Mike Jarvis, Fred Nelson, and Matt Harrington, Mike has recorded and released thirteen CDs. A host of talented performers has appeared on his recordings including Reb Beach (member of Winger and Alice Cooper), Pete Hewlett, (vocalist/guitarist for Billy Joel, Novo Combo, Joe Jackson), Kenny Blake (Cabo Frio), Fred Nelson (toured with Paul Gilbert of Mr. Big), B.E. Taylor (MCA Records), Hermie Granati (A&M), Buddy Hall, and more. His music ranges from in your face Rock to fiddle infused Americana, Folk, and Pop.

Mike Stout's first CD' "For Those Who Still DARE TO SPEAK OUT" was released in 1992 followed by "CD The Roaring Nineties" in 1995. Stout launched his third CD``We Are The Human Union.'' with a show a Rosebud in 1997. It is a mix of jazz, reggae and Latin sounds.

All Star Recordings

One of Mike's best is the 1998 release "Full Circle", an all-star production.  Buddy Hall (of Sweet Lightning and Eric Carmen) produced the recording that featured guitar hero Reb Beach on the rousing rocker "Loose Cannon on the Loose" and B.E. Taylor singing with Mike on "Jesus is an Alien" an "Dance With Me". Sax players Kenny Blake and Robbie Klein along with keyboardist Joe Monroe also appeared.  The album included the song "People to People" that launched Stout's music tours in Europe.

People to People in Europe

A Duquesne University graduate student took the 'Full Circle" CD to the People to People book store in Germany and played them Mike’s song “People to People”. Impressed with Mike’s message and music the book store stocked Mike CDs and sponsored his concert tours in Germany and Poland.  On his eight tours Mike has performed in the German cities of Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Schweinfurt, Augsburg,  Karlsruhe, Leipzig, Essen, Witten, Duisburg, Halle, Drenkow and Geisenkirchen.  Stout has performed for thousands at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate and the Whitsun Youth Festival. Thousands of his CDs have been sold in Germany.

More All Star CD Releases

"Working Infinity ... Love from the Bottom,", Stout's fifth album release in 2001 features another all-star cast of Pittsburgh rockers including guitarist Reb Beach (Winger, Alice Cooper), producer/guitarist Buddy Hall, B.E. Taylor, Kenny Blake, world class singer Pete Hewlett and Jeff Thurston. Singing with passion Mike attacked retail companies that sell products made in sweatshops in his song "Armies of the Working Class Poor" . Reb Beach's great guitar riffs and solo set the angry tone of "Complacency City",

In 2002 Stout released "The Human Spirit Will Prevail" with the outstanding track "Big Time Corporate Blues". A blues rock tune it features pianist Hermie Granati (of the Jaggerz, B.E. Taylor, & the Granati Bros.) on a classic riffing piano solo. It was a hit on the Internet garnering a "Track of the Day" award from Garage Band.com and thousands of plays on internet radio stations.

The voices of Mike Stout and Pete Hewlett blend together in the rich five part Doo Wop harmonies of the song "Do It With Love" from Mike's 2005 release "Heroes of History".  The Americana style ode to Mike's native state "Kentucky" is featured on his 2006 CD release "Soldiers of Solidarity".

Notable Releases

Mike's 7th CD release in 2007 "Breaking the Chains" features he gentle anti-war song "Time to Break the Chains", "Heaven's Mist" a Simon & Garfunkel-like ode to the Appalachian Mountains and "Hard Times Are Fightin' Times" a country blues tune about the battles of the working man. Guitarist Fred Nelson produced and performed on the album. Scott Mervis of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette the album one of the notable Pittsburgh CDs of the year.

The Point of Pittsburgh

Scott Mervis of the Pittsburgh Post Gazette named "The Point of Pittsburgh" as one of the 10 biggest local rock stories of 2008. 
"With Pittsburgh celebrating its 250th, it deserved a few new songs to go with "Here We Go, Steelers.... Blue-collar rocker Mike Stout turned up the volume a little higher on " The Point of Pittsburgh," a disc of rock anthems and ballads accompanying a Charles McCollester book of the same name."

The 'Point of Pittsburgh' CD, a birthday gift to the people of Pittsburgh on its 250th anniversary is an album of songs that celebrates the people in Pittsburgh's history who fought for their rights. It was inspired by historian Charles McCollester's book of the same name. Celebrated are abolitionist Martin Delany, boxer Billy Conn, labor leaders Fannie Sellins, The Cotton Mill Workers, Crystal Eastman, Monsignor Charles Owen Rice and Sean George. The McKees Rocks strike of 1909 is remembered in "Blood on the Rocks" and glory days of Homestead are recalled in the Americana tune "Homestead Town". The the international brother and sisterhood of Steeler fans is celebrated in the rocker "Calling Steeler Nation"

Americana Dream and In Your Face

Scott Mervis named Mike's Stout's 2010 release "Americana Dreams" one of the notable CDs of the year.  The album features “29 Miners Buried and Gone” the story of the 29 miners killed at the Upper Big Branch mine told to keep alive the fight to strengthen and enforce mine safety laws. 

Mike's 2012 CD "In Your Face" is his 13th release. In the rock anthem Stop the Frack Attack Mike calls on citizens to join the anti-fracking movement spreading across Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio and West Virginia. We Will Occupy is Stout's salute to the anti-capitalist/big bank movement. In the song The Triangle Shirtwaist Fire he honors the women and men whose tragic deaths led to worker safety laws that we take for granted today. Mike honors the working class heroes Woody Guthrie in America’s Favorite Son (ode to Woody Guthrie) and in the song Old Warrior he pays tribute to Youngstown writer and activist, Staughton Lynd. We Are Alive, is Mike's ode to the courageous citizens who fought the shutdown of the Braddock Hospital.

Workers Memorial Day

Every April 28 Mike Stout performs at the annual Workers Memorial Day at Market Square in Pittsburgh.  The unions of the Pittsburgh area honor the workers who are killed on the job.  Each year in America 5,000 to 6,000 workers are killed due to unsafe working conditions.  The fight for enforcement of worker safety laws is a continuing battle.  

Mike Stout Music

Triangle Shirtwaist Fire  
We Are Still Alive - Produce by Tony Buba

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Mike Stout Music

Mike Stout at the Brandenburg Gate
Mike in a German Elementary School -2009
The Point of Pittsburgh
People to People