Corbin and Hanner

Number 1 Country Hit Song Writers and Recording Artists

Bob Corbin and David Hanner are hit song writers, performers, and producers.  As members of the duo Corbin/Hanner and the Corbin/Hanner Band they charted eleven singles on the Billboard country charts with releases on Mercury Records, Alpha Records and the own Lil Red Hen label.   In the early 1980’s they toured the country appearing with the Oakridge Boys and Mel Tillis.  Working as independent song writers they composed chart topping country songs, including several number 1 hits, for Alabama, the Oakridge Boys, Mel Tilis, Kenny Rogers, Lee Ann Womack and other country artists.  Over 150 of their songs have been recorded by major artists.  Recordings of their songs have sold over 20 million copies.

Forged in Ford City

Bob Corbin, who was born in Butler, Pa in 1951, and Dave Hanner, born in 1949 in Kittanning, Pa both grew up in Ford City.  Bob and Dave met in junior high school in 7th grade.  After seeing the Beatles on Ed Sullivan they began singing harmonies together and collaborating on music.  They formed their first band "The Lost Lambs" while in 10th grade.  A record company executive who had produced Chad and Jeremy brought them to New York City to record an album.  The released their first recording Jubilee Records while still in high school..  


After leaving college in 1973 Bob and Dave moved to Pittsburgh and founded the country rock band Gravel.  They made their name in Pittsburgh packing the Shadyside club the Fox Cafe.  Gravel quickly became one of the most popular bands in the Western Pennsylvania, Eastern Ohio, and West Virginia region playing at the Decade, Mancini's, Fat City and other area clubs.  They opened shows in Pittsburgh for "Yes," "Emerson, Lake and Palmer" and "Blood, Sweat and Tears."   Gravel along with the band Easy Elmer appeared on May 1, 1977 in a benefit for Gravel guitarist Greg Bendix who died in a car crash on April 3, 1977.  They released several singles on Columbia Records. In 1979 they recorded "America's Sweetheart".

Corbin Hanner Band

Changing their name to “The Corbin/Hanner Band” in 1980 they became a country-rock band comprised of Al Synder on keyboards, Kip Paxton on bass and drummer Dave Freeland. They released the two albums on Alfa Records:  For the Sake of the Song (1981), Sons of America (1983).  Their highest charting singles as a band were 1981's "Livin' the Good Life" and 1982's "Everybody Knows I'm Yours" both at #46, "Time Has Treated You Well”.  Corbin/Hanner toured the country opening for The Oak Ridge Boys, Mel Tillis, Don Williams and others.  They appeared on several national radio and television shows, including The Silver Eagle Radio Program, and That Nashville Music.  In January of 1982 they recorded a live album at the Palomina Club in LA.  Mel Tillis appeared as a special guest.  The live recording was released in 1997 titled “Silver Eagle Cross Country Presents Live”.  

Hit Nashville Song Writers

With business troubles at the Alpha Record label in 1983, Corbin/Hanner faced legal issues that would prevent them for releasing new recordings for at least two years.  Believing that chances of scoring a hit would be greater by having well known artist record their songs, they decided to concentrate on writing songs for Nashville artists.  They broke up their band and moved to Nashville.  Mel Tillis who had heard them perform live was impressed with Corbin’s and Hanner’s original songs.  Tillis signed Corbin and Hanner to his publishing house the Sable Music Company.  Through Tillis’s company they sold their songs to well known Nashville recording artists. 

Mel Tillis recorded their song "Blind In Love" which became a number 1 country hit.  Success continued during the 1980’s with hits that they wrote for the Oak Ridge Boys, Don Williams, George Jones, Anne Murray, Kenny Rogers, Glen Campbell, Hank Williams Jr. and Alabama. Together they co-wrote "Lord, I Hope This Day Is Good" which was recorded by Don Williams', Lee Ann Womak, and Ann Murray.  Hanner wrote the Oakridge Boys number 1 hit * "Beautiful You" along with songs for Tortosie & Bonne and Alabama.  Corbin wrote Alabama's number 1 hits "Can't Keep A Good Man Down" and "Fire In The Night”.  Working with Alabama Corbin and Hanner met produced Harold Shedd.

Corbin Hanner Duo

In 1990 at request of the Nashville president of Mercury Records, Harold Shedd, Corbin and Hanner reunited as a duo.  They released two Mercury/Polygram albums: “Black and White Photograph” (1990) and “Just Another Hill” (1992).  From those albums five singles Work Song", "I Will Stand By You"; and "Just Another Hill" reached the country charts.  TNN and CMT aired the videos of those singles. . As a duo Corbin/Hanner landed five single on the Billboard Country Charts.   

Corbin Hanner Band Returns

Around 1997 The Corbin/Hanner Band formed again with Corbin and Hanner as lead vocalists and guitarists, along with Al Snyder (keyboards), Kip Paxton (bass guitar), and Dave Freeland (drums).  Forming their own label, Lil Red Hen, they released 3 albums: Every Stranger Has a Story (1998), By Request (1999), and Originals (2000).  "Originals" was a recording of 11 of their songs that had been recorded by others artists, including "Mr. Right Now," recorded by The Povertyneck Hillbillies and  "She Rides Wild Horses" recorded by Kenny Rogers.  With the Corbin/Hanner Band they placed six songs in the Billboard County Charts.   In 2008 the Corbin.Hanner Band released “And the Road Went On’.


Bob Corbin has produced and managed several groups including the Poverty Neck Hillbillies, Chandler, The Stickers, Vanessa Campagna, and Donora.  From his own recording studio Dave Hanner has produced other artists along with several national commercial jingles for Pepsi, Diet Sprite, Doritos, and other clients.

Corbin/Hanner with Mel Tillis