Pittsburgh Rock 'N Roll Legends Awards

The Pittsburgh Rock ‘N Roll Legends awards, created as a local registry rather than a museum, pays homage to the tremendously talented individuals and organizations that have contributed to the rich history of rock and roll music in Pittsburgh.

Awards organizers and a team of leading local musicians and music industry experts are building an entity that will, over time, recognize many individuals who have played an integral role in making rock and roll music part of the fabric of life in Western Pennsylvania.

A permanent tribute display for the Pittsburgh Rock ‘N Roll Legends, created by Wendell August Forge, features a painting of the city skyline by highly regarded local artist Johno Prascak, and hangs at the Hard Rock Café in Station Square. It will be updated as new members are inducted as Legends. 

In 2013, the Center celebrated its 25th year as a Pittsburgh-based charity, providing free emotional and social support services to patients and their families. They help those affected by a cancer diagnosis move forward, by offering a wide variety of programming. Services include neighborhood support groups throughout the area, individual and couples counseling, a telephone helpline, a Food Bank for qualifying patients, Reiki, art therapy, “Live Well with Cancer” newsletters, programs and much more. The Center also sponsors Pet Therapy for children at Animal Friends and support groups for children who have a family member with cancer.

2014 Honoree
Rich Engler

2015 Honorees
Legacy Legend: Lou Christie
Modern Era Legend: Donnie Iris
Music Professional Legend: Porky Chedwick

2016 Honorees
Legacy Legend:
Modern Era Legend:
Music Professional Legend:
Music Broadcaster Legend: