Music firsts that happened in Pittsburgh or were achieved by a Pittsburgher
 1831First Symphony Performed and Written in America
Symphony in D by W.C. Peters
Performed by the Harmony Society
 1843 First American Pop Music Composer
Stephen Foster -Oh Susanna
 The Father of American Music
 1905 First Movie Theater in AmericaNichelodean Theater
Harry Davis & John Harris
 1916 First Music Broadcast in the World
Dr Frank Conrad  
 1918First America Opera performed 2 consecutive seasons at the Metropolitan Opera Charles Wakefield Cadman
The Robin Women
 1918First America Opera with a libretto written by a women Nellie Richman Eberhart
The Robin Women
 1920 First Commercial Radio Station in the World
KDKA Radio
 1921 First Radio Performance by African Americans
Louis Deppe and Earl Hines on KDKA
 1922 First Broadcast of a Symphony
Little Symphony - KDKA
Directed by Victor Saudek
 1912 First Composer of Movie Music
Joseph Breil -music for Queen City
Father of Movie Music
 1928 First Boogie Woogie Recording
Pine Top Smith
 1932 First opera written for radio is broadcast on NBCCharles Walkfield Cadman -The Willow
 1934 First Oscar Winner for Best SongHerbert Magidson
The Continental 
 1939 First Televised Piano Recital Earl Wild on NBC Television
 1941 First African American Opera Company FormedMary Cardwell Dawson
 1948 First African American Woman Disk Jockey
Mary Dee on WHOD
 1949 First Vocalese Jazz Singer
Eddie Jefferson
Father of Vocalese
 1958 First Artist to sell 1 million copies of a song
Perry Como
Catch a Rising Star
 1958 First Gold Record Winner
Perry Como
Catch a Rising Star
 1958 First Gold Album Winner
 Oaklahoma! Cast Album
Shirley Jones
 1958 First Group to use strings in a rock N roll song
The Skyliners
Since I Don't Have You
 1959 First Grammy for Album of the Year
Henry Mancini
The Music of Peter Gunn
 1963First African American Woman Member of a major American SymphonyPatricia Prattis Jennings
PSO Pianist