Sources used to compile honoree profiles, historical timelines, and genre overviews
Early Pittsburgh Music History

Music and Musicians of Pennsylvania -Gertrude Martin Rohrer (1940)

The Early Development of Music in Pittsburgh -by Edward Gladstone Bayhnm 1944 (University of Pittsburgh Dissertation)

Frontier Musicians on the Connoquenissing, Wabash, and Ohio -Richard D . Wetzel (1976)

Pittsburgh in Stages by Lynne Conner (2007)

The Planting of Civilization in Western Pennsylvania - By Solon Justus Buck, Elizabeth Hawthorn Buck

Keeping house: women's lives in western Pennsylvania, 1790-1850 By Virginia K. Bartlett

Jazz History

Jazz on the River - William Howland Kenney

The WPA History of the Negro in Pittsburgh - Editted by Laurence Glascow

The Crossroads of the World”: A Social and Cultural History of Jazz in Pittsburgh’s Hill District, 1920-1970 by Colter Harper 2011

A New History of Jazz - Alyn Shipton

Pittsburgh Jazz Recordings and Beyond, 1950-1985 by Carlos E. Peña B.A., University of Pittsburgh, 1998

Key To The City A Guide to Pittsburgh Music, History, Entertainment & More 1928-1954 by Dave Goodrich

Pittsburgh Courier Archives

Pittsburgh Post Gazette Archives

Pittsburgh Music

Key to the City: Volume 1: 1928-1954 By Dave Goodrich

Pittsburgh History

History of Pittsburgh and Environs - by George Thorton Fleming, American Historical Society Inc - 1922

The Point of Pittsburgh - Charles McCollestor, 2009

General Music References
Artist Biographies

Stephen Foster - Doo-Dah!: Stephen Foster and the Rise of American Popular Culture -Ken Emerson 1988

Lena Horne -Stormy Weather - The Life of Lena Horne - By James Gavin

Tommy James - Me, the Mob, and the Music Business -One Hellva Ride -Tommy James with Martin Fitzpatrick 2010

Oscar Levant - A Talent for Genius - Sam Kashner and Nacy Schoenberger 1994

Henry Mancini - Did They Mention the Music?: The Autobiography of Henry Mancini by Henry Mancini and Gene Lees (Dec 17, 2001)

Billy Strayhorn- Lush Life - Biography of Billy Strayhorn by David Hajdu