About Pgh Music History

Virtual Museum Telling the Story of Pittsburgh's Music History


Pittsburgh Music History website is an online virtual museum that tells the story of the development of Pittsburgh's musical culture and honors musicians, music industry professionals, and radio personalities from the three state region surrounding Pittsburgh who have achieved national or international recognition for their contributions to the world of music.   The Pittsburgh area has produced many talented individuals who have shaped the course of music history.  They have created, performed, and promoted timeless music enjoyed by people around the world.  Our mission is to remember and honor them by documenting their stories and providing references to their music, videos, biographies, and websites.  

Our mission is also to show that in addition to being an industrial giant producing the iron and steel used to build the nation in the 19th and 20th centuries, Pittsburgh was a vital cultural center.  The early German and English settlers brought classical music to the Western Pennsylvania laying the foundation for Pittsburgh's musical culture.  The children of the Pittsburgh were encouraged by their families to learn music.  Talented dedicated music teachers at music stores, schools, and theaters instructed these students in the classics and popular music.  They performed at schools, churches, weddings, parties, dances, and other social events. They became professionals performing in music societies, the lively club scene, musical theaters,  orchestras, and on radio. With their solid musical training and experience performing in Pittsburgh many of them went on to national and international fame.

In the 21st century Pittsburgh continues to be a vital cultural center producing a new generation of musicians who are making great contributions to the world of music.  Pittsburgh's music stores, public schools, performing art schools, colleges, and universities continue the tradition of training musicians.  The club scene continues to support performances of original music.  The blazing blast furnaces of the steel industry are extinct, but the fire of music still burns brightly in region of the city of steel.

Inclusion Criteria
The individuals and organizations remembered here are selected based on research along with recommendations from musicians.  Included are musicians who have:

-Have been inducted into national or local halls of fame
-Have recorded on national record labels
-Have toured nationally or internationally
-Have had their music included in films or television shows
-Have performed in films or national radio/ TV shows
-Have achieved critical acclaim for their contributions
-Have been members of famous bands or orchestras
-Have been sessions players or vocalists on hit recordings
-Have had hit records in Billboard or other charts
-Are recommended by Pittsburgh area musicians and fans
-Are recognized in history books
-Have created a genre of music or an instrumental style

Research sources used to identify musicans