The Group typically meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month

-except when it's on a different day due to holidays

Our organization was founded on November 4, 2000

Upcoming Event

This month's dinner is on Wednesday, November 15th

Note: 1 week earlier than normal


Vincent's of Greentree

If it's November, it's our anniversary month and time to go back to the mothership


RSVP via email to

Where:     Vincent's of Greentree.  333 Mansfield Ave, Pittsburgh (Greentree), PA 15220. 412-921-8811.

When:       Wednesday, November 15th, 2017

Time:        7:00 pm





Parking:   Free in their lot

WiFi:        Yes, free

Separate Checks: Yes

Alcohol:   Full bar

Credit Cards: Yes, Apple Pay: No, Android Pay: No

Pricing:   Inexpensive ($11-$30)

RSVP via email to

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Note: For those wondering how we pick these restaurants, we, first, try to stay away from any chain establishments, go to places with low- to medium-priced meals, pick places that are not typically noisy (like sports bars), pick places that will give us separate checks and pick places that will generally allow us to sit around after we are done eating to just talk for a while. Wi-Fi and alcohol service are a plus. We also ask for input but generally get little. Given all that, it’s wherever the selection committee thinks is interesting. We tend to like all types of food, including and in particular all types of ethnic foods.

Don’t like our selection? Suggest someplace different. We are always looking for suggestions and will consider all input.