Do Now

Do now for Tuesday, 19 March

Go to the link below ...find at least one photo you like and post to your blog about your opinion on street you like other styles better?  What makes street photography special?

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Do now for Monday, 18 March

Go to the link below and look at Simon Lister's photos of Africa. Copy one and paste into a blog post. Write your opinion on poverty. How do you think people in power should be helping?

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Do now for FRIDAY..FRIYAY, 15 March

We made it to Friday, good job us. I honestly wouldn't do this job if I didn't love all of would be too stressful. You all make it worth it. Thank you. Go practice is crucial that you can type with two hands. Get ready for real life. Type for 5 minutes and post your WPM to your blog.

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Do now for Wednesday/Thursday...March 13 and 14

Find out which celebrities who have become known for being serious about their own photography.  Pick one person on the list and try to find a photo that they shot. Write a couple sentences about what type of photography they like to shoot.

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Do now for Tuesday, 12 March 2019 12 SCHOOL days until break...

Go to the link below and look at the photographs from the photographer, KAI CAEMMERER... Copy and paste into a blog post. DESCRIBE the photo..where would you see this type of picture?  Who would buy it?

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Do now for FRIDAYYY, March 8th

How fast can you type?? Click the link the typing game for 10 minutes and then make a blog post telling me how many words per minute you type...this is an important LIFE SKILL!!!

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Do now for Wednesday, March 6th and 7th

Think of a vacation spot you wish you could be traveling to today instead of being at school...where would this place be and why?  Screenshot a picture of the place and post to your blog with your response :)

現在做3月6日和7日星期三 想想你希望今天可以去的度假勝地,而不是在學校......這個地方在哪裡?為什麼?屏幕截圖這個地方的圖片和你的回復發佈到你的博客:)

Do now for Tuesday, 5 March 2019

Go to the link below and learn about using different angles and perspectives to achieve creative and professional photos. List at least 3 of them...(they are numbered and in BOLD letters...) Copy and paste one photo with your post that shows your favorite out of the 7 different perspectives.

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Do now for 4 March 2019

Go to the link below and look at Natalie Keyssar's photos of Black Lives Matter protests and find one that you think is the most impactful. (Which one speaks the most to you?) Screenshot and post to blog. Write at least 3 sentences about the photo or the Black Lives Matter movement.

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Do now for 1 March 2019

Click on the link below.  Look at the photography of some local instagram photographers and pick a favorite.  Screenshot one picture that you think you like the best and post to your blog with 3 COMPLETE sentences about WHY you like it.  What makes it cool to you?  What decisions do you think the photographer made (composing the picture) before they took the picture?

1st Do now

1. Click on the link below.  Make a blog with your first name as your username.  After you create your account, begin to customize your blog with a theme (that's free) and pictures that you want as your background.  When you're done, go to the home page.  Click on the web browser bar that has your username.  It should all be highlighted.  Copy and go to your gmail.  Compose an email.  Recipient is  Your period should be the subject.  In the body of the email, click on the chain link (NOT paperclip...) Now you can paste your URL that you copied from the blog site.  If you did it right, your link should show up blue.  Send.  

2. Make your first post on your blog.  For the title, write the date.  In the post, write a complete sentence about what your favorite cereal.  Screenshot a picture of the cereal >>go to add media and insert the photo to your  post.  Click publish.

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