Art Appreciation

Art Appreciation Assignment: 18 March 2019
Extra credit assignment
Go to the link and read the Newsela Article.  Then, Answer the questions in a blog post.  Good job.

Extra credit 11 March Art Appreciation Assignment
Go to the link below and read about the different parts of Italy that are important to visit if you ever get a chance to go...From the places on the list...what important art pieces are there?  Make a blog post titled, "Italy-Art Appreciation" and write a 3 paragraph post about Italy's world famous locations that hold some of the most famous artwork of all time.

4 March 2019 Art Appreciation assignment

Pick a photographer from the link below.  Read about them on the website, then try to get some more information about them from their own website or google.

Answer the following questions about them in a blog post.  Make the title their name.  

1.  When and where were they born?

2.  What inspired them to take the types of photos that they do?

3.  How would you describe their pictures to someone?  

4.  Post 3 examples of their photography with the post.  

5.  Explain why you picked that photographer.  

Due at the end of class 3/4/19