Chapter Events

The Pittsburgh IGDA hosts and sponsors regular events in the Pittsburgh Area.  Our major events are:
  • January- Global Game Jam
    The Global Game Jam (GGJ) is a world-wide 48 hour game making event. Pittsburgh has hosted a site since the event began in 2009.
  • Feb/March/April- Speaker/Lightning Talk event
    Each year we try to have at speaker oriented event to allow the community to share their projects & expertise through 5-minute "lightning talks" as well as longer talks by game industry members.
  • May/June- Board Game Jam
    We host a local board game jam to exercise different game making skills and celebrate game making beyond video games.
  • August- Picnic & Outdoor Games
    We also support outdoor & active games. Every year we gather outside to say good bye to summer and reconnect with each other before the fall.
  • October- Halloween Party
    In the fall we hold the biggest video game industry gathering in the Pittsburgh area- a halloween costume party/networking event hosted by local companies.
We also organize a monthly game industry meetup on the first Thursday of each month called, appropriately, First Thursday.

Further, every few years we have chapter elections.