Pittsburgh Honey® is a family owned and operated "honey farm".
What began in the Fine family’s backyard in 1985 with only 6 beehives has grown to nearly 200 hives at the Monongahela homestead and several outyards throughout southwestern Pennsylvania. They strive to provide pure and local honey varietals under the Pittsburgh Honey® label, as well as top quality beeswax and comb products straight from the hive to thousands of dedicated customers.

Al Fine's interest in beekeeping began when he was just a young boy. One summer, a swarm of honey bees landed on a tree branch in the family's back yard. A local beekeeper came out to hive the swarm, and there it stayed for some weeks. Al was fascinated watching the bees come and go. As a teen, he took up beekeeping as a hobby, producing enough honey for his friends and family. However, the hobby took a turn for the worst when tracheal mites infiltrated his hives, destroying them.

Many years passed, and, in 1985, Al decided to turn his passion for beekeeping into his full time occupation. He started back up with only a half dozen hives, slowly growing his numbers each year. These days, he and his family manage upwards of 200 colonies each summer and provide thousands of pounds of pure and local honey to customers all throughout the region.

Al's daughter, Alyssa, uses the premium beeswax culled during the honey extraction (along with the honey itself!) to handcraft a line of natural cosmetics. You'll find everything from lotions and lip balms to salves and scrubs, with plenty of variety in between. A division of the apiary, Alyssa’s Abeille Beauté brand— from the French "honey bee beauty,” is handcrafted right here in Pittsburgh, using only the premium beeswax and honey sourced locally from the family's apiary. 

First sold under the eponymous family label at various farmers markets and from the apiary, itself, it slowly became clear that other so-called beekeepers and honey producers defined “pure and local” broadly, often selling mislabeled, adulterated products to keep up with market demands. Worse yet, these suppliers turned to the bulk honey market in an effort to keep their Bottling tanks flowing, filling jars with product that originated in Asia and beyond—far, far from the Monongahela Valley and completely unworthy of the “local” moniker. In an effort to set their hand-extracted 100% pure and local varietals apart from the posers, the Fine family rebranded their delicious varietals as “Pittsburgh Honey®,” in 2014, a brand now synonymous with purity, and, through its Honeycomb Bridge device, easily recognized as a truly local product.

Pittsburgh Honey is still available direct from the family Apiary, as well as our very own retail outlet in nearby Squirrel Hill, Pennsylvania—the first and only store of its kind in the region. Stop in, or order some today. We ship globally!