A support group for home educators in the 

northern suburbs of Pittsburgh

With the retirement of Yahoo Groups, FINS has transitioned to GroupsIO as their main form of communication for our current members. If you have not transitioned to GroupsIO with us and need information on how to do so, please click the Email List and Membership tab above. 

About Us

FINS a Christ-centered group of home educators who wish to support and encourage one another. 

We are an inclusive group and invite all to participate. 

We do not charge a membership fee. 

We believe a support group should be more than just an email list. Members sponsor support meetings, events, small groups, activities, and field trips as well as answer questions and provide other helpful information.  

We also offer the HSLDA group membership discount.  

We currently have over 380 member families. 

Our primary means of communication is through the email list and Facebook group. Click the tab above for more information.

Our only affiliation is with CHAP.

If you need information about homeschooling in Pennsylvania, click on the Pennsylvania Home Education Law tab.  Forms like affidavits and medical exemptions are available there.



Last updated July 18, 2024