Bridging Faiths is a new initiative of the PAJC that provides high school students with the experiences, skills and resources necessary to live in a diverse world, deepen their own identities, and get past the stereotypes that come between them and those of other religious, cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

PAJC works with participating congregations, organizations and schools 

to help teens increase self-awareness of individual values and beliefs, learn about other religious traditions and build friendships that cross religious, racial and ethnic stereotypes and bigotry and lead interfaith clubs, dialogues and workshops in their schools, youth groups and neighborhoods, inspiring adults by their example. Groups of high school youth selected from neighboring congregations gather on a regular basis over the course of a school year.

Interfaith Engagement – Teens share ritual objects, tour sanctuaries, engage in question-and-answer sessions and study each other’s sacred texts together with religious leaders.

Creative Reflections – Teens develop tools for integrating their experiences and expressing what those experiences mean for them as Christian, Jewish, Muslim or Hindu teenagers living in Pittsburgh, through various media such as art, poetry and music.

Social Action – Teens engage in related cooperative service projects, improving their community together by translating their shared values into action.

For more information on Bridging Faiths or to get involved, please contact Susan Simons at or (412) 605-0816.

Bridging Faiths City Program
Nov 7, 2010
by Pittsburgh Area Jewish Committee



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