About Us

University of Pittsburgh Neuroscience Club


The Pitt Neuroscience Club provides an opportunity not just for neuroscience majors, but for all interested Pitt students to learn more about the fascinating, ever-expanding field of neuroscience. We host events such as guest lectures from Pitt Medical School and Pitt Neuroscience faculty, presentations about contemporary neuroscience research, a mentoring program, informative discussions about the application process to medical school and other graduate programs, and more.

Membership Benefits:

Joining the Pitt Neuroscience Club provides for many advantages. Those already involved in the department can network with others and learn about other opportunities available to them. Newly declared neuroscience majors are provided a way to smoothly transition into the department by many means; a major facet is our volunteer mentoring program. Newly declared and/or new students can request an upperclassman as a mentor, and this mentor can assist the student in any means possible. Even for non-neuroscience majors, interesting aspects of groundbreaking research will be presented here, and it is a great opportunity to learn about the latest developments in the neuroscience field. There is no fee to join, the Pitt Neuroscience Club is free to all!