The Pitt Masters Rowing Club is currently on hiatus. We hope to be back in the water in 2018!

Welcome to the Pitt Masters Rowing Club site!  We are an affiliate of the University of Pittsburgh Student Rowing Club.  The PMRC was formed in 2010 and is composed of an eclectic group of Pitt staff and faculty under the guidance of the Pitt Crew coach, Daniel V. Grancea.  Some of us had never touched an oar before joining the club.  Some of us are experienced rowers. Some of us aren't interested in the water--we're indoor rowers only.  Some of us can't wait to get out on the water.  Some of us thrive on bettering our times.  Some of us want the camaraderie of working out as a group.  We do offer the opportunity for racing, but we are not primarily focused on competition.  If you fit into any of these categories, the Pitt Masters Rowing Club may be for you!    

For more information, check out the files found under the "Membership Information" section on the left sidebar. You can also learn more about rowing from the PMRC Rowing Manual and in the links to other rowing sites.   Give the PMRC a try!