Upcoming talks


Dr. Justin Kitzes

Assistant Professor
Biological Sciences, University of Pittsburgh

Measuring Biodiversity Loss on a Changing Planet With Automated Sensors and Machine Learning  

Increasing evidence suggests that the planet is in the midst of its sixth major mass extinction event. In the coming decades, the central challenge for ecology and conservation biology will be to find ways to rapidly measure, understand, predict, and ultimately prevent this biodiversity loss. In this talk, I will first introduce our lab’s ongoing research in theoretical, field, and data-driven ecology. I will then describe in detail one specific project that will be a major focus of our lab in the coming years: the use of autonomous acoustic recorders to study bird and bat populations at very large spatiotemporal scales. This project combines hardware development, machine learning methods, management of large data sets (hundreds of terabytes), and open and reproducible science practices. We are actively seeking new collaborators for this work both at the University of Pittsburgh and beyond.

Time: Friday, January 18th 1:00pm - 2:00pm

Location: Information Sciences Building, 3rd Floor