MyInventory - Inventory Database Manager App for Mac OS X


MyInventory is easy to use but still powerful inventory manager suitable for both home and a small business. It helps you to keep track of all your items in one place and in a very intuitive way. Useful for insurance purposes. 


  • Easy navigation through out the list of items. 
  • Possibility to attach all kind of files for each item. (photos, PDFs) 
  • Keeps track of the warranties and all the details for each item. 
  • Fast and extensive search utility. 
  • Possibility to generate a detail or list report. 
  • Item list can be viewed by location or by collection (category). 
  • Possibility to rename the standard field labels
  • Uses SQLite database to store all the informations in a reliable and secure way.

Feedback and Support

In order to make the software even better I am open for feedback and suggestions.
For mail support please mail to:

I will appreciate a short review on the AppStore if you like the software.

Workaround for the "Attachment" bug

Some user experienced problems in adding the attachments to the database. The problem is on the way to AppStore, meanwhile please use the following work around in order to get it working.

  • Quit the MyInventory application 
  • Open Terminal. ( It can be found in Application/Utilities folder )
  • write following commands:
    • cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/MyInventory/
    • mkdir .images
Now you can start the MyInventory application. It should be possible to add the attachment from now on. 

Lion users Info

The Lion version of Mac OS X has made the Library folder hidden.
Since the MyInventory store the database files by default in ~/Library/Application Support/MyInventory/ folder it may happen that the software will not be able to see its default folder.

The solution is to either unhidden the Library folder by executing following command in Terminal

chflags nohidden ~/Library/

or by using Finder "Go->Go to Folder" menu selection and moving the folder to the Favorites.

If you do not see your entries please click on the Location or Category button on the upper left side of the view.

Sorry for inconvenience. 
I will appreciate your feedback so please let me know.

User Interface informations:

The MyInventory has two visual areas for user interests, the Inventory List View to the left and the Detail View to the right.
The Inventory List View can be displayed in two modes, by category or by location, depending on user needs.

When creating a new inventory item there are three fields that are mandatory to fill. The Name, Category and Location.

The category or location folders in the Inventory List view are not expanded by default. The folders can be expanded either by double clicking on folder, a click on the expand icon (small triangle) or by pressing "Right Arrow" key on the keyboard when placed on this folder.
To see inventory items in Detail View is simple. 
Expand a folder and click on an item you want to see its detail information.
You even easy navigate with arrow keys.

The MyInventory employs short cuts in order make the use of it more efficient and faster
  • cmd-f  Search utility, When the search field is empty this command will change focus to the search field and will highlight it. When not empty the Application will start the search and will present a result in a search panel.
  • cmd-t  Toggles the focus between Inventory List View and detail View
  • esc        Clears the fields and prepare for entering a new item into the list, same action as by pressing "New" button. 

The attachments can be added in two separate ways, by clicking on the "Add Attachment" button and then navigate to wanted attachment or by "drag and drop" of a document or a picture into the Attachment view.

There is no need to save the Inventory files, every time you add a new item or update the old one, the database is automatically updated.

Please note that the printing supports only most common paper sizes. US Letter, US legal and A4. 

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