Seki Mokei CAT BUGGY

The Seki Mokei CAT BUGGY, created by the president of Seki Mokei (of Setagaya, Tokyo), was the most advanced design of the day (1972 / 73) and pioneer of double-wishbone suspension. The CAT was very fast and very popular, but suffered durability problems. With so many hand-made components, production costs were high and the CAT was sometimes referred to as the "Bolt Monster", aspects which would be considered more valuable now than they were back then.

At the Sagamiko Picnic Land there were epic battles between the Kyosho Dash 3 DUNE Buggy and the CAT BUGGY. Lateral weakness in its double-wishbone and bouncing from its low rings resulted in frequent rollovers. Mr. Otsuki of Kyosho noted this and shortly after, the Kyosho buggy was using a trailing link.