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1972 Kyosho Dash 3 Dune Buggy

THIS IS WHERE IT STARTED !!  Mr. Otsuki created the FIRST Kyosho RC buggy in 1972, which was called the Dash 3 DUNE BUGGY. At a time with nothing to use as a guide, Mr. Otsuki took a lot of inspiration from the Ishimasa Rat Buggy. [CLICK HERE To See Ishimasa Rat Buggy]


Soon after the Ishimasa hit the market, the Kyosho Dash 3 DUNE BUGGY was released. However, as it was a modified version of the Dash 3 on-road racer, it couldn't really be called a true buggy. Without front/rear suspension, a buggy body was simply mounted on a rigid chassis for a relatively unsophisticated result.


Kyosho claim that the first EVER buggy race was held in 1972 at the Tamagawa Ground in Kawasaki. The race was basically a two-make race with the Ishimasa RAT against the Kyosho DUNE 3 BUGGY.


The sophisticated RAT looked to get an early advantage versus the simply constructed DUNE, however the DUNE's durability ensured its recovery in the later half of the race. KYOSHO QUALITY !!! This was the era of experimentation. Soon after the Tamagawa race another car entered the scene, The Seki Mokei CAT BUGGY. [CLICK HERE To See The Seki Mokei CAT] 

Mr. Otsuki    Mr. Kiyokatsu Kishi