Why Investigate at Night?

Why do Paranormal Investigators investigate at night?

Date: 13th May 2018

"So why do you always go out at night to do your paranormal investigations?"

This is the question that gets asked many many times, usually too many to count.

Fear Factors

Some people will suggest investigating at night is all about the scary factor. Yes it is a factor for the masses that will pay for the opportunity to do a 'ghost hunt' with a group who openly advertise they are a business and openly organise a ghost hunt and with pleasure take the money and take people to a place of interest and run through the basics and parlour tricks for entertainment.

The main answer is really simple... it is due to the fact that most places are open to members of the public during the day so there are many people who will be working, visiting, etc. This would put unnecessary pressure on an investigator to gather evidence with so much contamination.

This is also coupled with the fact that an investigator will have no substantial evidence to uphold as any form of proof due to all those people. Another thing to remember is that most places at these times of day will have power supplies on, mobile phones will be in abundance and so any EMF meter readings you wish to take with your trusty K2 or Mel meters will not be accurate.

That said, the majority of 'alleged' activity is of the visual kind. Many stories of the paranormal are of people claiming to have seen a ghost, not heard them. So whilst audio and environmental evidence is out of the question you could quite easily do a 'visual-only' investigation.

There is a certain thrill of doing an investigation at night. I would be lying if I said there wasn't. But the fundamental thing to remember is that it is easier to conduct an investigation at night because:-

  1. Less people are about - in fact most times there is nobody around
  2. Everyday noise is reduce to a minimum - even to a perfect silence

The above are the positives... but there are also negatives:-

  1. The heat of the day lends issues to cooling and settling of a building - causing noise contamination
  2. If not switched off, building heating systems will kick in and cause further noise contamination

But I think the main reason is because of the thrill...


One thing to remember is that when one goes off to investigate a place it is prudent to go during the day and learn about the history including the paranormal claims. At least if you go to these places and even consider going on one of the tours during the daylight hours you will hopefully learn something, soak up all the history and even take some amazing photos at the same time.

And who knows... you might even capture some activity!