The K2 Meter - The facts...

There are some that consider it to be the best EMF detector... are you one of them?

Date: 25th January 2019

“If this EMF meter is good enough for Ghost Hunters then it's good enough for me, right?”

"Well... not really!"

K2 Enterprises Ltd.

Interestingly enough, the creators of the K2... or "Safe Range" meter are also developers of other instruments, but not of the paranormal type.

If you check out their website they offer up the following devices:-

  • Dazer II Ultrasonic Dog Deterrent
  • Pet Agree Ultrasonic Pet Trainer
  • Tattle Tale Vibration Alarm

What's interesting about these devices is that they are all designed to promote good pet behaviour and to deter bad behavioral pet practices.

Now the only device they sell not linked to pets? Yes, that's right... the K2 EMF Meter.

So why used to 'detect' ghosts?

It can only be stressed that it has never, never, ever been proved that ghosts and spirits emit EMF (electromagnetic fields) when they supposedly try to manifest into our realm. So it goes without saying that the K2 Meter is not, and never will be, a ghost detector.

In fact, to be kind to K2 Enterprises Ltd., it has never been sold off as a ghost detector. In their user manual for the K2 it does not even state anywhere about ghosts. The paperwork for the meter is all about checking for dangerous levels of EMF in the home. So this really all goes to show that it was not designed for anything other than checking for EMF from electronic devices. The user guide even has pictures of TVs, Radio Masts, PCs, Shavers... and even Heated Blankets!

...but you won't find a picture of a ghost on there... go figure!

BUT... can anyone blame K2 Enterprises Ltd. for jumping on the gravy train and rake in huge profits at the expense of ghost hunters worldwide?

One particular team in the US openly informs all on their website regarding the K2 as being the best and most reliable ghost meter available on the market. But then they have had their mug shots with both Grant Wilson and Jason Hawes of Ghost Hunters - or as most people know them: TAPS (The Atlantic Paranormal Society)... so if they use it and they are on TV then they must be right... right?

Well if you take their word for it that the K2 "is the only EMF meter that it's battery does not get drained by entities" then you seriously need to have a rethink of being part of the paranormal world. Because if one believes that ghosts and entities drain energy from power sources and even people then one must also ask the question: "why do they leave the K2 meter alone?". It has a normal standard 9volt battery.

How to use the K2 Meter...

Well the original K2 Meter (grey-coloured) was operated via a 'push-to-hold' button - in other words one must keep the button depressed to keep it on.

This in itself can cause the problem of one's grip loosening and the meter to shut off... then on noticing that one would push it further and it would then come back on again. And herein lies the problem...

When one switches on the K2 Meter, the first LED lights up, then quickly all of them light up... twice... then back to only the 'status-on' LED. This is what is called the 'self-test'.

Now there was an upgrade to this (black-coloured) - in the 'push-to-hold' button was removed in favour of an actual push button that holds it on with no need to keep the button depressed.

...more on this in the next section header...

To check for and detect EMF one would wave it slowly in close proximity to an electrically powered piece of equipment and measure the readings given off. BUT... the K2 is only a single-axis detector... so if one were to hold it one way it might not pick up any reading - turn it sideways and it might light up its measurement.

Now it is prudent to inform that this meter can and could be manipulated by outside interference like cell phones, two-way radios and even thunderstorms. So the possibilities of this device being able to communicate with the spirits is highly improbable.

Also the issue of what is known as "false-positives" could be caused by both accidental and intentional means by manipulation of such devices that will make the K2 LEDs light up on cue.

So why all the buzz?

This probably came from Ghost Hunters (TAPS). You see it was claimed by them, most notably Grant Wilson, during their 3rd Series episode on the Manson Murders that the K2 Meter "measures magnetic fields, and it’s been specially calibrated for paranormal investigators”.

So how can this be 'specially calibrated' for paranormal investigators? In current knowledge there is no proof of ghosts and as such no evidence we can communicate with them if there are. So nothing can be 'calibrated' for use in the paranormal.

In fact, if one were using the grey-coloured one then it is possible to manipulate the 'push-to-hold' switch in a way that you could impress people by asking the spirits questions and cause the meter to flash its LEDs in response. This is a shameful way to prove to people that ghosts exist!

That is a little difficult if not impossible to do with the black version as the on/off switch is robust in either on or off position... but the careful fitting of a further hidden toggle switch - if one were electronically minded - might do the same thing by momentarily shutting power and causing the 'self-test' flashing of LEDs to create a response.

So why was this meter so famous and why did it sell in its millions across the world?

Well it is most certainly all down to its little flashing LEDs due to its visual detection... and where better to propagate this than on TV!... and quite possibly better than the 'push-button' torch communication technique, which was also proved to be the elements in the torch heating and cooling causing the on/off phenomenon.

The claims of some ghost hunters (famous or not) stating they communicated with ghost spirits using the K2 are far from valid conclusive evidence and should not be trusted. The 'stated' communication is such that one asks a question and the K2 meter emits lighting of the LEDs as a 'response' to the questions.

People really do like their flashing gadgets don't they!


The K2 meter should never be deemed as ghost hunting equipment. Likewise with all other EMF meters, they only detect EMF from electronic devices and certain naturally occurring EMF in the environment. Also there is no evidence to suggest that ghosts manipulate the EMF ranges.

Again one must stress that "there has never been any device that can detect ghosts and spirits!" Yes that even goes for the Mel Meter invented by Gary Galka. The Mel Meter has a few positives over the K2 in as much as it detects temperatures too... it also can record low and high readings... but it is still not a ghost detector.

There are some that love this little K2 unit... and there are those that will hate it with a passion. It is reasonably priced compared to others, but it still won't detect ghosts and the like.

All we can say to you... or ask of you... or recommend to you is that you all use it with common sense in mind. Use it for doing base-line readings and to detect EMFs. But remember it is only a single-axis EMF meter, meaning you must turn it in all directions when gathering readings.

EMFs are known to cause health issues and also feelings of dread, fear, headaches, goose bumps, lethargy, nausea and others symptoms. It is theorised that these symptoms are what cause people to feel there are ghosts.

But remember that these devices will be affected by varying levels of EMF emitted by all other equipment taken on paranormal investigations... and that their individual start-up processes can emit sharp spikes in EMF that will be detectable.

And when you list the equipment you have during an investigation (camcorders, cellphones, laptops, computers, 2-way radios, cameras, motion detectors, CCTV, geophones... etc.) the possibilities are endless of what has actually set your EMF meter off!