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13th February 2019

The Spirit Box

“I have a Spirit Box and I have captured what I can only describe as voices from the other side!”

Don't jump to this conclusion... the jury is still out!

Theory is that ghosts and spirits can influence the electromagnetic fields and thus use part of that spectrum - namely the radio waves...

7th February 2019

Structured Light Sensing (SLS) Kinect Camera

“I just caught an anomaly on the SLS system... it mapped in a skeleton... it must be a ghost as there was nothing there!”

The Kinect system was designed to be a static sensor system - and you the person was the only thing to move about... not to be carried around.

...and even then if used static it has not proved to capture ghosts and spirits!

25th January 2019

The K2 Meter - The Facts

There are some that consider it to be the best EMF detector... are you one of them?

“If this EMF meter is good enough for Ghost Hunters then it's good enough for me, right?”

Do ghosts and spirits really emit Electromagnetic Frequencies and/or Fields? In fact, are you aware that the manufacturers of the K2 Meter also make devices for controlling pets?

13th August 2018

Optical or Digital Zoom

So which is better: Optical Zoom or Digital Zoom?

“The optical zoom on my camera is great but it's the digital zoom that gets up close and personal even farther than optical!”

In the paranormal field we are constantly trying to capture that allusive ‘alleged’ evidence, but if we do not know how our equipment works we might be adding fuel to a very large paranormal fire.

19th July 2018

Visual Discrepancies

"In the real world, as in dreams... nothing is quite what it seems" - Dean R Koontz

“I just saw something! It was like a dark shadow that just moved across the end of the corridor. I saw it out the corner of my eye!”

The Visual System in humans allows us to interpret, or assimilate, information from our natural environmental surroundings. Seeing is what occurs when the cornea and lens of the eye focuses light from these surroundings onto the retina.

19th June 2018

Environmentals 3 - Electromagnetic Fields

Can the manifestation of ghosts and spirits cause fluctuations in the electromagnetic field?

“My K2 Meter is flashing away... My Mel Meter is showing a reading spike in EMF... there must be a ghost trying to manifest!”

This is not proof of the existence of ghosts or spirits. The fact is, electromagnetic fields are all around us every second of every day. It is in both ionising and non-ionising sources.

10th June 2018

Environmentals 2 - Carbon Monoxide

Can the manifestation of ghost and spirits cause nausea, headaches and dizziness?

“I know there is a ghost or spirit present as it makes me feel sick and nauseous. Also I get dizzy feelings too!”

Did you know that there is a natural common cause for symptoms like these in a house or any other building with any form of fuel-burning systems fitted. These symptoms are quite possibly the cause of Carbon Monoxide. What has this to do with the paranormal?

7th June 2018

Environmentals 1 - Temperatures

So is it true that when ghosts and spirits try to manifest they cause cold spots?

“So when ghosts and spirits manifest or are present in close proximity they cause the temperatures to drop and get colder”

This is just a myth that has no credible proof.

2nd June 2018

EVP - Is it real or is it false?

Are you a believer in spirit voices, or do you think it is all just noise?

“So if I load up an EVP to an audio programme and filter it and enhance it, you can clearly hear what was responded to our questions on an investigation!”

Well my first response to the above will be: "Really? Are you sure?"

27th May 2018

Orbs? What are they really?

Are you the type of person to believe that you have captured a ghost orb?

"I think I have captured a ghost trying to manifest. It appears as an orb on my photo... I've heard that orbs are real. I just never caught one on camera before. Is it really a ghost orb?"

The answer to this question is: “Quite possibly not”!

20th May 2018:

Smoke Alarm going haywire? Well it's not ghosts!

Can ghosts and spirits trying to manifest cause smoke alarm detectors to sound off?

"I think I have ghosts in my house as my smoke alarm detectors keep sounding off at certain times of the day! Can ghosts set off smoke detectors?"

The answer to this question is: “Yes they can” and “No they can't”!Confused? Don't be... as surprisingly it's a question that can not be answered with any factual basis either way.

19th May 2018:

Paranormal TV Programmes - Good or Bad?

Are paranormal TV programmes a good thing or do they just cause a stigma for investigators?

"It must be a huge problem for you as a paranormal investigator when programmes on TV glorify things?"

That's the most intriguing and yet the most irritating question out there at the moment... and make no mistake!

13th May 2018:

Why Investigate at Night?

Why do Paranormal Investigators investigate at night?

"So why do you always go out at night to do your paranormal investigations?"

This is the question that gets asked many many times, usually too many to count.

11th May 2018:

I'm Hearing Spirit Voices

EVPs and the Human brain.

"So can I really hear words spoken by ghosts and spirits?"

This is where we delve into the audio world of Electronic Voice Phenomena – or using it's general term: EVP.


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