UFO's and Extraterrestrial phenom


This documentary by Rich Planet is just amazing. The ending will have you 100% convinced that UFOs and ET's are here in earths atmosphere abducting humans. This is extremely strong evidence right here. Seriously.. the ending is incredible and features a whistleblower from a black operation that recovered downed crafts. If you want to show a skeptic something convincing, THIS is definitely the doc you want to start with.

Guys, I am struggling to find the time to post my insane amount of gathered evidence so please keep patient and never stop investigating! I'll have more up soon. -Tommy

Here is a list of amazing UFO documentaries that you can check out. I only pick out the best.

This one is from 1995 and is one of the best. It's got that classic 90's TV show feel.

Also contains some of the single best UFO live footage I've EVER seen!

Here's a clip of the best footage if you don't want to watch the whole thing.

Unidentified lights in Miami

This triple set is definitely worth watching!

This doc is a nice intro into how the MIC is in control of everything.

this one has more info on Roswell than I've ever seen!

Another great Stanton Friedman documentary.

We love Stanton Friedman.

We also love Linda Moulton Howe. She has always been ruthless

in her documentation of evidence and asking crucial questions! This one is a classic.

More great documentaries coming soon!

What is the Pitch Dark Blue Book?

The unofficial *pitch dark blue book* project is a list of collected MOST compelling evidence/intelligence sorted in a way that someone new (or even seasoned buffs) can learn new information from a simple list of points. Email me if with suggestions of new points to put up! My email is on the Contact page. Now for UFO's

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List by Tommy P ( under construction)

Betty & Barney/Hypnosis star chart-


1947 and the farm crash-

Area 51-

Bob Lazar and S4-

Disinfo/Disinfo agents-

TR3B and Ed Fouche-

Travis Walton and abductees-

Animal/Human mutilation cases-

Recovered Crafts-

European Operation 5 8-

Nuclear interest by UFO's-

Autopsies of humanoid extraterrestrials-

How to identify a credible witness-

The NAZI bell and the 1964 incident connection-


Steven Greer


Linda Multon Howe


Stanton Friedman


I'm sure you don't need a huge intro to Stanton Friedman. He is one of the most objective, evidence based, truth oriented researchers out there. Rather than finding what he want to find, he follows the evidence.

Corey Goode


With no compelling evidence for his extremely tall tales it has become increasingly difficult to verify his extraordinary claims. A quick look into his background and speaking to many of his ex co workers reveals a middle of the road IT windows and Citrix upgrade tech support and consultant. To imagine someone like him was chosen to be a representative and that he has such a vast galactic importance (considering these "Blue avian" beings choosing him as an connection ambassador is a tall tale indeed. We research things in a cut and dry way and I don't fall for woo woo or fantastical stories that are un falsifiable. Until Corey can substantiate his incredible claims he will continue to hold a believable score very low. Email me if you can back him up!

Zecheria Sitchens


Possible fraud. A lot of his work and education has been debunked and he should not be taken as a reliable source for anything. It's my personal idea that before the internet, figuring out these Sumarian texts would've been nearly impossible for the common man, so stretching the truth and sometimes outright lying and misrepresenting the subject material happens often in his books. Nibiru has been debunked. The Anunaki were not aliens as is clearly stated in the Sumarian txts. Not even close. I do not give this guy an ounce of credibility.