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An escape from the propaganda.


As of October 2018 I am working on writing a new and experimental Edge to the Atom EP. The EP will be a story based concept with an 80s sounding theme. The story will be a sci-fi thriller loosely based on the spiral of Paul Bennewitz into madness, driven by the airfair force and military base he lived next to. I think an 80s theme will be perfect and the story is a perfect excuse to use it lol. More updates coming soon! Thanks for supporting the bandcamp, friends!

Pitch Black Society is a site that covers a wide range of progressive music/art and alternative education, using a skeptical eye and logical reasoning to conclude the things we stand behind.

Here at Pitch Black Society I try to get down to the truth and share it as far as I can. Using creativity, logic, and hard research, I try to find and share everything as close to the truth as I can possibly attain... and of course give it to those interested in such topics!

We cover many topics here, some of which are..

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