2008 Victorian Triples Championship

    Many thanks to Jenny Cuthbert, Sue Gray and Richard Tarlinton and Terry Barter for taking the photos



Three beards on a piste: When Peter, Dennis and Bill formed a team, Bill had to "grow" a beard overnight to fit in


Kevin Ward prepares to let fly with a boule


"The boys:" David, John and Michael


Richard Tarlinton and Andre Deramond read out the protocols and rules of play


The Camberwell pistes were chockablock for Victorian Triples Championship


Sue takes aim while teammates Alma and Lesley and opponent Peter watch


Pétanque is a game of millimeters


When the sun got hot, the cool guys were under the marquee


Action on the "gravel pit" pistes


Elementary geometry comes in handy when you're estimating which balls are closer to the jack


The action heats on in front of the club's familiar green-and-white marquees


Alma, Sue and Lesley on their way to their +60s championship gold


We now switch you to Cabrini Hospital's  maternity ward to where Piste-up's intrepid photographer, Jenny Cuthbert, raced right after competing in the tournament so she could show off her new granddaughter, Olive Grace, who was born during the tournament.


Granddad Peter may have lost a game (or two) on Sunday but he gained a beauty! 


Pondering the next move


Master chef Clive Windley shows his stuff at the grill


A long end begs a keen eye for the knockout shot


Kevin Ward and Sue Gray congratulate each other