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Monday 03/18/2019

posted Mar 18, 2019, 5:04 AM by Myrna Rodriguez
Subs in the Building
Teacher NameSubRoom Number
Timothy BoydVelma Carriaga116
Kendra CurtisJoseph Black522
Lori SullivanTravis Williams221
Natalie DommerCarol Page Moody502
Veronica MinerErica Romero216
Jeannine FisherJanet Reed404
Julie MashAtef Farag425
Gerald ColeSemico BrownT-011
Ester GoenagaDerwin Spencer311
Demond StaffordRoy GrantBoy's PE Office
Kimberly New Taylor Livingston546
Vanessa SpencerMelinda McNicollWW-003
Lucas Shields 337