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Reading Coptic on this site

Is the text on the left the same as the text on the right?


If not then you're computer is not displaying Coptic text properly and you must follow the instructions below to rectify this.
This website uses the New Athena Unicode font (download here).

To view this website properly you must download this font and enable your computer to read and write Coptic Unicode fonts if it cannot already do so (visit the websites linked below for instructions).

ASCII fonts

There are many ASCII fonts available for Coptic. The Coptic Standard fonts are a set of seven fonts modelled on older classic font styles with a standardised keymap. They are the most widely used Coptic ASCII fonts. There are many more Coptic ASCII fonts available, but their quality and keymaps vary widely. An extensive archive of such fonts can be found at the St-Takla website and Luc Devroye's webpages.

For instructions on how to install fonts click here.

Unicode fonts

There have recently been a number of new Coptic Unicode fonts and resources made available. This appears to be the future for reading and writing Coptic electronically. For instructions on how to install and use these fonts you should visit Moheb Mikhaiel's website and the site by the Center for the Tebtunis Papyri.

This website uses the New Athena Unicode font. However, there are others available such as those published by the French Institute of Oriental Archaeology (IFAO). There are also commercial fonts available from Additional fonts are available from Wuzu Japan's Gallery of Unicode Fonts.

Font conversion and keyboards

ASCII fonts can be converted from other fonts to Coptic Standard fonts here (a program that does the same job is to be found here). An application that converts from ASCII characters to Unicode and vice versa can be found here. There is also a webpage that allows you to input Coptic Unicode into a text box using a graphic keyboard here.


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