How to use CHKDSK in the XP Recovery Console


 If you (or someone else) suspects that your file system is corrupt and/or your hard drive has bad sectors, you should run CHKDSK.  If you cannot boot into XP, but have your CD handy, you can use the Recovery Console to do this.

1.  Put your XP CD into your CD/DVD drive, restart your computer, and boot from it

2.  Press R to enter the Recovery Console

3.  You will be given an option of which Operating System (OS) to repair.  Usually, you can pick 1 (probably C:\Windows).

4.  Press Enter, then, when prompted, type the password on the computer's Administrator account.  If you do not have one, leave it blank and press Enter.

 5.   There are a few options, called parameters, to use with CHKDSK.  You can type chkdsk by itself to scan the disk without applying any of the other options.  Use chkdsk /p to perform a full scan of the hard drive that corrects any errors.  Use chkdsk /r if you suspect bad sectors.  This option includes the /p parameter.

6.  When it finishes, type exit to restart your computer.