An open city, war-torn battleground

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Well, this is my first dm_ map that I intend on actually releasing. It actually started as whole bunch of maps back in October-November sometime, but I later scrapped them as they were too big of a project for me at the time. Then, later in January, I started a new map; this one. However, I had a whole bunch of maps that I had so much wasted content on, I decided to implement them into this map. And so, about 60% of this map is from older maps (that have all been tweaked, improved and optimized to make it playable).

This map is currently on hold, as school work LOVES to get in the way of these things. It's not easy being in the accelerant class!



Two Screenshots Added posted 9:14pm 26/02/06

The first two screenshots of the map have been added. check them out on the right hand toolbar!




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