Coastal Paradise or Urban War-Zone?

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Well this is de_torren, my first Counter-Strike: Source map. It was actually inspired when I was waiting for my Mum to leave the Gym so we could leave, and I decided to take some photos while I was waiting. When I got back, I found I really liked to design of some of the buildings in my photos, and thus, the first concepts for this map were born.

It started off as a small room, which I slowly expanded out according to my pictures, while adding my own touch to it. Eventually, I actually started re-designing the building from the outside-in, and I completely derailed from the origional pictures. But that's great, because wouldn't it be boring just copying something all day?



Short and Sweet posted 11:43am 02/07/06

Good news: There's a new screenshot. Enjoy.

Bits 'n' Pieces posted 10:18am 13/02/06

I've update the old screenshot, and added a new one in. But alas, the new screenshot shows very, very little. This is simply because the area around it is not complete, and I'll only show that when I'm sure it's ready for publiv viewing. As I've said before, there is a lot you can't see, simply because it's not ready to be shown. Anyway, enjoy!

 Some More Minor Changes posted 2:34pm 05/02/06

 I changed the screenshots around, again. I'm fairly certain you'll only be seeing new screenshots from this point on, rather than updated old ones.

Also, I'm aware that this pages URL still reads as cs_torren (when it should be de_torren). I'll be looking to fix this sometime soon. 

 Minor Changes posted 9:48pm 03/02/06

An update, finally! As you can see, I've removed the origional screenshot from the sidebar to the right. The picture really was bad quality, and didn't represent the map as I would've liked. So, I've replaced it with an updated and improved screenshot, showing the whole area this time. I must say, it looks a LOT better. More to come soon! Oh, and before Iforget, I have changed the map from from cs_ (hostage recuse) to a de_ map (Bomb planting). It just suited the map more than way.

First Screenie Added posted 7:05am 27/02/06

The first screenie for the map has been added. Just note however that this is from the very first compile of the map and that some things are likely to change.


Bombsite A/CT Spawn

Crossroad (WIP)

Beach Front (WIP)