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Quick de_torren Update posted 6:52pm 11/07/06 

Just a quick update to let you guys see how things are going. Things have been a bit slow as I've been sick for a while. But nontheless, here's some pretty pictures to appease your appetite. Some of them are still early WIPs, and some are updated versions of old screenshots. You'll also notice the screenshots are sporting my new logo on 'em! Enjoy.

By the Gods, it Lives! posted 10:57am 02/07/06

Well it's been an interesting 4 months since I last updated. Most people probably assumed that the site was dead, and I don't blame them. So, you're probably wondering what happened.

I initially stopped updating for about a week due to school work, and had meant to make an update. However, the school work kept piling up and my free time became less and less. But alas, I wish I could say that school work was the sole reason for the lack in updates.

To make a long story short, a rather nasty virus found its way to my computer. Now, I've had trouble with viruses before, but this one was a serious bastard. I could not access ANYTHING on my hard drive. Nada.

You can see where this is going.

So I was left with no option but to reformat, and start fresh. Now normally this wouldn't bother me much, except I realised that my infected hard drive had the only copies of my maps. To quotes myself, "Oh Shit".

So there isn't much more to say about that. All the work I had put into de_torren and dm_distraught lost and gone. But this was all about 3 months ago. What have I been doing since then?

Well, in-between school work, friends, and my now ex-girlfriend, I've been slowly rebuilding my lost work. In the past 3 months, I have built exact replicas of my lost maps from the screenshots I had, and a little bit of memory. In their current state, they look identical to the screenshots I've released.

So really, if you compared the progress from 4 months ago to now, nothing has really changed if you think about it. Although, I do have a new screenshot of de_torren to feed your appetites...

P.S. You'll notice that we are now "Headwires Maps".

Holy Smokes, an Update! posted 10:16am 13/03/06

Finally got 'round to updating this page again. You may or may not have noticed the counter at the bottom of the page, which tracks all the unique users that visit this page. As you can see, it's fairly low as of now - But that'll soon change :D (Hopefully).

On another note, I've made a quick update to the de_torren page. I've update the old screenshot, and added a new one in. But alas, the new screenshot shows very, very little. This is simply because the area around it is not complete, and I'll only show that when I'm sure it's ready for publiv viewing. As I've said before, there is a lot you can't see, simply because it's not ready to be shown. Anyway, enjoy!

Site Changes and Updates posted 2:57pm 05/03/06 

A few small changes to the web page. You'll notice I have a few off-site links at the top of the page, so feel free to click them. I've also changed the screenshots on the de_torren page (again). From this point on, expect totally new content for the page. More to come soon!

de_torren Update posted 9:41pm 03/03/06

So far I've received good comments about the site, which is always great to hear. I've adjusted a few minor things, such as the "Latest News" header at the top. Thanks to the guys at Hlfallout.net!

Anyway, I've got a small update for de_torren. You can read about it by clicking on the link to your left. I know it's not much, but there is so much that you can't see, and I only want to show those areas when it's ready. Enjoy!

Layout changes posted 8:56pm 26/02/06

After a bit of messing around with the layout and colour schemes, I've finally decided to settle with the one you are seeing now. You'll also notice the two side-bars on the left on right, both with titles describing what they're for. As you can see, the right hand bar is rather empty. Hopefully this won't be for too long!

I've also added two WIP (Work-In-Progress) maps to the left hand column. Both of those pages will be updated whenever there's something note-worthy to update about. Enjoy!

Site Launched! posted 3:14pm 26/02/06

Well, my site has been launched! I'll begin adding content and such after I've gotten use to Google’s Page Builder. For now, I guess I'll tell you about me and this page.

My name is Mark, but as you might notice, I go by Asherak. I'm 13 Years old (Don't let that put you off) and I'm from the tiny land of New Zealand. I've been mapping for a while now. I used to do some mapping work for Quake 3, but have since moved onto the Source Engine, building maps for Counter-Strike: Source and HL2 SP/DM.

I've been mapping on the Source Engine since Early September, so that's about 6 months. I haven’t actually released a full map since my first works (which you really don't want to see), mainly because I've gotten half way through a map and decided that I didn't like where it was going. Luckily, I now have some solid and planned ideas that I'll hopefully be implementing into map form soon.

Well, that's me for now. Time to go learn the ways of the Page Builder! 

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