Team Goal
- Enter 3 Pirates ranked top ten in every event at the district championships...every Pirate PRs in finals

Team Standards - Live with integrity...compete with class...add to the legacy

Team Rule - Don't let your teammates down


Track and Field alumni competing professionally:

Jared Bassett (Brooks)

Track and Field alumni competing currently in college:

Shaylen Crook  (2014 State Champion) - University of Utah  (Div 1)
Lauren McGowne (2013 State Champion) - Southern Oregon University (NAIA)
Sergio Marroquin - OIT (NAIA)
Zach Hammond - 
Kirby Neale - St Marten's University (Div II)
Mareyna Karlin - University of Idaho (Div I)
Lindsay Devereux - OIT (NAIA)
Alex Brown -  Southern Oregon Univeristy (NAIA)
Savannah Thurman (Southwestern Oregon Community College)
Karissa Irvin (2013) - Univeristy of Oregon Women's Rugby
Hayley Engel (2015) - Oregon State Univeristy Rowing (Div 1)
Rylee Trendell (2016) - Pacific University (Basketball) (Div III)
Jesse Golder (2016) - Pacific University (Div III)
Hunter Drops (2016) - Oregon Institute of Technology (NAIA)
McKenzie Allison (2016) - Oregon State University (Div I)
Sawyer Heckard (2016) - Western Oregon University (Div II)

Track and Field alumni serving currently in the nation's armed forces:

John Rymer (2008) - United States Navy surface warfare
Jenna Welsh (2009) - United States Navy surface warfare
Tad Jensen (2006) - United States Navy special operations
Cody Shipp (2010) - United States Marine Corps infantry
Justin Welch (2006) - United States Army Ranger
Jason Gouldhawke (2010) - United States Army
Daniel Rymer (2011) - United States Army National Guard infantry
Shane Truman (2007) - United States Air Force security forces
Jake Welsh (2007) - United States Air Force security forces
Justin Kirk (2008) - United States Air Force flight operations
Darrin Parkhurst (2006) - United States Air Force
Jordan Chaplin (2009) - United States Air Force
Chris Krajcir (2010) - United States Air Force 
Parker Forte (2012) - United States Army
Shelby Paulson (2009) - United States Air Force Air Battle Manager
Kelly Kennedy (2012) - United States Air Force
Jasmine Meline (2013) - United States Navy
Maddie Metzler (2015) - United States Air Force
James Black (2016) - United States Air Force