What's new?

July 2014

Award of the Karl Deutsch prize by the International Political Science Association at the Montreal World Congress. The award is designed to honor "a prominent scholar engaged in cross-disciplinary research". The honor involves a public lecture on "When Elections Fail and Why this Matters" on Wednesday, July 23 from 13:00-14:45 in the Palais de Congress, Montreal. Previous award winners include Gabriel Almond, Joan Linz, and Giovanni Sartori, among others.

June 2014

New book published: Why Electoral Integrity Matters.  New York: Cambridge University Press.

April 2014

New edition of a book published: Comparing Democracies 4: Elections in a Changing World. Edited with Lawrence Leduc and Richard Niemi. London: Sage.

May 2014

New book published: Advancing Electoral Integrity. Edited with Richard W. Frank and Ferran Martinez i Coma. New York: Oxford University Press.

March 2014

Second release of the Perceptions of Electoral Integrity dataset (PEI_2.5) with all the data and codebooks available for download at expert, election and country levels.

February 2014

The Year in Elections 2013, new report assessing 73 national parliamentary and presidential elections held from 1 July 2012 to 31 Dec 2013.

January 2014

New article published in Political Studies 62(1):2-20, ‘Beyond Quotas: Strategies to Promote Gender Equality in Elected Office’, with Mona Lena Krook. Free access. http://onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/10.1111/1467-9248.12116/full

Dec 2013

New article. ‘Assessing the quality of elections.’ With Ferran Martinez I Coma and Richard W. Frank. Journal of Democracy.  24(4): 124-135.

Oct 2013

New article:  ‘The new research agenda studying electoral integrity’. Special issue of Electoral Studies 32(4): 563-575  DOI: 10.1016/j.electstud.2013.07.015

Oct 2013

New article: ‘Does the world agree about standards of electoral integrity? Evidence for the diffusion of global norms’ Special issue of Electoral Studies 32(4): 576-588  DOI: 10.1016/j.electstud.2013.07.016,

July 2013

 ‘The electoral performance of center-left parties: Putting ‘decline’ in perspective.’ In Progressive Politics After the Crash. Eds. Olaf Cramme, Patrick Diamond, Roger Liddle & Michael McTernan. IB Tauris. Pp.97-116

Sept 2012

Gender Equality in Elected Office in Asia Pacific: Six Actions to Expand Women’s EmpowermentNew Report for UNDP Asia-Pacific.  This report provides an overview of women’s political representation in Asia-Pacific member states, and reviews the impact of series of six fast-track institutional reforms which can contribute towards the attainment of gender equality in elected office. These six “windows of opportunity” include constitutional rights, legally binding quotas, political party recruitment, capacity building initiatives, and parliamentary reform.

Sept 2012

New fall class DPI-416 Challenges of Electoral Integrity. Part I outlines the concept, indices, and evidence of electoral integrity and malpractices. Part II considers why electoral integrity matters for a series of challenges. Part III analyzes what remedies are most effective for strengthening integrity. The conclusion discusses research papers and considers the broader lessons.

Sept 2012

New book out: Pippa Norris. Making Democratic Governance Work: How Regimes shape Prosperity, Welfare and Peace.  New York: Cambridge University Press. pp281. ISBN:9781107602694.

A video presentation about the book, delivered as a plenary talk at the International Political Science Association World Congress in Madid, can be viewed online.

Sept 2012

Two new papers written for the annual meeting of the American Political Science Association, New Orleans, cancelled by the organizers due to the hurricane. The papers are on: ‘Why malpractices generate pressures for electoral reform: An agenda-setting model.’ And ‘Why malpractices heighten risks of Electoral Violence.’

July 2012

‘The impact of social media on the Arab uprisings: The Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube revolutions?’ Norbert Kersting Ed. Electronic Democracy. Germany: Barbara Budrich Publishers.

July 2012

Launch of the Electoral Integrity Project with a one-day pre-IPSA Workshop in Madrid, July 7th 2012, organized by IPSA Research Committee on Elections, Citizens and Parties IPSA-ECP. All papers are downloadable from the IPSA-ECP website.

July 2012

The Madrid workshop above includes my paper: ‘Are there global norms and universal standards of electoral integrity and malpractice? Comparing public and expert perceptions.’ International Political Science Association, Madrid, July 7th 2012.

May 2012

Roundtable on ‘Western Democracy in Crisis?” Canadian Political Science Association Centennial Celebration, University of Alberta Edmonton, 13-15 May 2012.

April 2012

2012. ECPR Joint Workshops The impact of social media on the Arab uprisings: The Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube revolutions?” Antwerp, Belgium. 10-15th April 2012

Mar 2012

Pippa Norris and Ronald Inglehart Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Understanding Human Security’  Scandinavian Political Studies. 35(1):71-96.DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9477.2011.00281.x

Feb 2012

Does Ethnicity Determine Support for the Governing Party?’ With Robert Mattes. In Voting and Representation in Africa:  Views From Below Edited by Michael Bratton. Lynne Rienner.

Jan 2012

Revised and updated syllabi for Gov1109 Comparative Institutional Design and DPI413 Challenges of Democratization for Spring 2012.

Jan 2012

The watchdog role of journalists: Rottweilers, Alsatians or Poodles?’ In the Oxford Handbook of Public Accountability. Eds. Mark Bovens, Robert E. Goodin & Thomas Schillemans. Oxford: Oxford University Press.

Jan 2012

Pippa Norris and Ronald Inglehart  ‘'Muslim integration into Western cultures: Between origins and destinations’ Political Studies.  60(2): 228-251. DOI: 10.1111/j.1467-9248.2012.00951.x

Dec 2011

A new book, Democratic Governance and Human Security: The Impact of Regimes on Prosperity, Welfare and Peace, is under development for CUP. All draft chapters are available for comment.

Nov 2011

A 'special recognition' award was given at the 2011 awards dinner by the Political Studies Association of the UK. ‘Pippa Norris has undertaken ground-breaking work on political disengagement, democratic change and gender politics. Throughout her career she has worked relentlessly to improve understanding in this area and for this reason we feel she deserves to receive the 2011 Special Recognition Award.’ 

Details of the BBC Parliament broadcasts of the event are available here. A PDF copy of the Awards brochure may be downloaded here.

Nov 2011

Awarded a Doctor honoris causa by the University of Edinburgh and gave the inaugural annual Chrystal MacMillan lecture on the topic of Gender equality in elected office: Beyond quotas. See video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ygYmUBNap34

Oct 2011

2011. ‘Women in elected office in Asia-Pacific: Beyond quotas.’ UNDP conference on gender equality, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 17-19th October 2011.

Sept 2011

The twitter revolution and the Arab spring’ International Conference on Theory and Practice of Electronic Governance (ICEGOV2011), Tallinn, Estonia, 27-29th September 2011. Power-point presentation.

Sept 2011

Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse: Understanding Human Security’ University of Uppsala, 24th September, Skytte lecture.

Sept 2011

The 2011 Johan Skytte Prize was awarded to Ronald Inglehart, University of Michigan, and Pippa Norris, Harvard University for contributing innovative   ideas about the relevance and roots of political culture in a global context. The Johan Skytte Prize is among the most prestigious prizes relating to the field of political science and carries an award of SEK 500,000.

The 2011 Johan Skytte Prize in political science is awarded to two researchers who individually but far and foremost in close cooperation have   systematically investigated and highlighted the importance of human values   and value change for political behavior and societal life. Ronald Inglehart, emeritus professor in sociology at the University of Michigan and Pippa Norris, professor in political science at the John F. Kennedy School of Government at Harvard University, share the prize for "contributing innovative ideas about the relevance and roots of political culture in a global context, transcending previous mainstream approaches of research".

"In three co-authored books and numerous articles they have, through sophisticated analyses and a globally-based material including a majority of the world´s population, shown that a crucial key to continuity and change in   political participation, interest and why issues become prioritized is the values, beliefs and attitudes of the citizens themselves. In their joint work, the importance of religion in today´s contemporary world has been in focus, as well as gender equality and the role of global media and information technology in affecting values to converge or become more polarized. The process of value formation and change is intimately related to structural factors such as the shift from industrial to post-industrial production, and furthermore rests on feelings of existential security which are affected by a spread in the equality of well-being.

Characteristic of Norris and Inglehart’s research is that their analysis ties together their own as well as previously launched theories with a uniquely rich and subtle material, allowing for systematic empirical testing, development but also refutation. Their focus is consequently on the citizens, the people, and their indirect interplay with elites and political and societal institutions."

Ronald Inglehart and Pippa Norris accepted the prize at a ceremony in Uppsala on 24 September 2011. Read more about the prize on the Johan Skytte Prize Committee website: http://skytteprize.statsvet.uu.se/

Sept 2011

The Australian Research Council awarded Pippa Norris the Kathleen Fitzpatrick Laureate Fellowship, for a $2.6m program of research on democratic governance.

Sept 2011

Making Democratic-Governance Work: The Consequences for Prosperity.’ American Political Science Association, Seattle 1-4 Sept.

Aug 2011

East Asia in Comparative Perspective: Objective and Subjective Indicators of Democracy, Governance and Development’ Conference on Democracy in   East Asia and Taiwan in Global Perspective. Taiwan, 23-27 August.

May 2011

Launched the new IPSA Research Committee 23 on Elections, Citizens and Parties (IPSA-ECP). Membership is open to all and there will be a one-day pre IPSA Workshop on Electoral Integrity on 7th July 2012 in Madrid, followed by general panels at the IPSA World Congress 8-12th July 2012. See details at http://www.IPSA-ECP.com

April 2011

'Muslim support for secular democracy.' Paper for the Conference on Spirited Voices from the Muslim World: Islam, Democracy and Gender Rights.   The University of Sydney, 29-30th April.

April 2011

'Democracy or governance? The consequences for domestic peace.Paper for the European Consortium Political Research Joint Workshop, St. Gallen, April 2011.

March 2011

Crisis, what crisis? Demand-side explanations for the performance of social democracy’ Paper for a workshop on The Crisis of Social Democracy organized by Michael Keating and David McCrone. Forthcoming in Parliamentary Affairs (2012)

March 2011

Mecca or oil? Why Arab states lag in gender equality.’ Chapter for Global Cultural Change edited by Russell Dalton and Christian Welzel.

February 2011

New syllabi for classes offered at Sydney University include GOVT4101 Comparative Political Culture and GOVT6150 Comparative Democratic Politics.

January 2011

Contact details from 1 Jan-31 Dec 2011: Pippa Norris Visiting Professor, Department of Government and International Relations, School of Social and   Political Sciences, FACULTY OF ARTS AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, Room 443, Merewether Building (HO4) , The University of Sydney | NSW | 2006 Australia
P 61 2 9351 2055|  F 61 2 9351 3624 M (US) +1 857 445 9105 |M (Australia) +61 2 045 165 2014 | Skype pippa.norris e pippa_norris@Harvard.edu 

Dec 2010

A new draft report for the OSEC, Gender equality in elected office: A six-point action plan, coauthored with Mona Lena Krook. This has been published by the OSCE in spring 2011. The study suggests a range of alternative reforms which could strengthen gender equality in elected office in the OSCE member states.http://www.osce.org/odihr/78432.

Nov 2010

'To them that hath...News Media and Knowledge Gaps' Paper for the PIREDEU conference, Brussels 18-19 Nov 2010.  The study compares European citizens to investigate whether the size and distribution of any knowledge gaps are affected by the interaction of individual-level education   and media use, and also by societal level processes of cosmopolitan communications. The study utilizes the European Parliament Election Study 2009 survey, monitoring individual level news use and civic knowledge.

May 2010

May 6th 2010 British General Election Constituency Results. These are available for downloading in both Excel and SPSS/PASW formats, along with a synopsis of results. See under 'data'. A weblog also discusses the outcome and prospects for realignment.

April 2010

'Public disaffection and electoral reform: Pressure from below? Paper for the ECPR Joint Sessions of Workshops, Lisbon, 14-19 April 2009, revised version published in West European Politics.

April 2010

Pippa Norris and Ronald Inglehart. 'Are high levels of existential security conducive to secularization? A response to our critics.' Paper for the Midwest Political Science Association annual meeting Chicago, April 22, 2010. A revised version appeared in the 2nd edition of Norris and inglehart,Sacred and Secular (CUP 2011).

April 2010

A new chapter Political Communications for the Oxford textbook Comparative Politics 2nd Edition edited by Daniel Caramani (OUP 2011)

March 2010

'Measuring Governance' Chapter for the Sage Handbook of Governance ed. Mark Bevir. London: Sage 2010.

Feb 2010

A new book Democratic Deficits: Critical Citizens Revisited will be published by Cambridge University Press in spring 2011. All full text draft chapters are  available for downloading.

Dec 2009

Syllabi for Spring 2010 are available for DPI415 Comparative Politics in Global Perspective and  DPI413 Challenges of Democratization.

Nov 2009

New paper "Perhaps Petroleum Perpetuates Patriarchy?"

Oct 2009

Democratic Indicators and Audits. Conference organized by the presidential taskforce of the American Political Science Association, University of California, Berkeley, 29-30th October 2009.

Oct 2009

Comparing political communications: Common frameworks or Babelian confusion?’ Government and Opposition 44(3): 321-340.

Sept 2009

Revised syllabus for DPI403 Democratic Governance Fall 2009 (renamed from STM103)

Sept 2009

'Why do Arab states lag behind the world in gender equality?' New HKS Faculty research paper.

August 2009

'One of Us: Multilevel models examining the impact of descriptive representation on civic engagement' With Mona Lena Krook. Paper for the American Political Science Assocation annual meeting, Toronto.

Mar 2009

Research paper, 'Public disaffection and electoral reform: Pressure from below?', for ECPR Joint Workshops, Lisbon 14-19 April 2009.

Mar 2009

Research paper, Inglehart and Norris 'Muslim integration into Western Culture: Between origins and destinations.' for the HKS Working Paper series.

Feb 2009

Review article, 'Comparative political communications: Common frameworks or Babelian confusion?' for Government and Opposition.

Jan 2009

Updated version of my Cross-national and Time-Series datasets are now available for downloading (V3.0 Jan 2009) on the Data page.

Jan 2008

Updated and revised syllabus for STM103 Democratic Governanceand the new class, API414 Citizen Politics, are both now available for Spring 2009

Jan 2008

A weblog has been added to provide updated reflections and ruminations on contemporary politics in the world. Comments and feedback are welcome.

Dec 2008

Chapter:"Political Activism" for Developments in European Politics 2, eds. Paul Heywood, Erik Jones, Martin Rhodes and Ulrich Sedelmeier. Palgrave MacMillan 2009.

Dec 2008

Book manuscript for Cosmopolitan Communications is now available (with Ronald Inglehart), Cambridge University Press (Fall 2009)

Dec 2008

Final report The Role of the News Media in the Governance Agenda.Washington DC: The World Bank (spring 2009).

Oct 2008

Chapter: "Going Global: New challenges and opportunities in research on political participation and the civic culture." Feischrift for Sidney Verba. Eds. Henry Brady, Kay Schlozman and Gary King. New York: Routledge

Sept 2008

Chapter 'The globalization of public opinion polls' For the SageHandbook of Comparative Politics eds. Neil Robinson and Todd Landman London: Sage Publications 2009.

Aug 2008

Paper "Cultural convergence: The impact of the globalization of mass communications on national identities and cosmopolitan orientations." For the APSA annual meeting, Boston, August 2008.

Aug 2008

Updated syllabus for API413 Fall 2008 is available.

June 2008

Power-point presentation at the Canadian Political Science Association "Are   citizens fit for democracy?", plenary session, Vancouver, 7 June 2008.

May 2008

New paper Polling for the Public Good: Mass and Elite Evaluations of the health of Democratic Governance, (with Ronald Inglehart) WAPOR, 14th May 2008, New Orleans.

May 2008

New paper 'The roles of the news media in the governance agenda' for the May Harvard/World Bank conference "The Roles of the News Media".

Feb 2008

Links to citations of my research and also full text published extracts of my publications included in Google Book Search.

Feb 2008

New book manuscript under development for Cambridge University Press,  Cultural Convergence? Global Media and National Diversity coauthored with Ronald Inglehart. Full text draft chapters are available.

Feb 2008

Announcement of new conference, 'The role of the news media in the governance agenda: watch-dog, agenda-setter and gate-keeper.' Cosponsored by the World Bank and the Shorenstein Center at Harvard. May 29-31st, John F. Kennedy School of Government.

Jan 2008

Paper, 'Existential security and the gender gap in religion' (with Ronald Inglehart) for SSRC conference in New York, February 2008

Jan 2007

'Shattering the Marble Ceiling: Cultural barriers to women's leadership.' Paper   on the contemporary barriers facing women in elected office, for Shorenstein Conference, Harvard University.

Dec 2007

Revised and updated global cross-sectional dataset for indicators of democratic governance.

Dec 2007

New syllabus for STM103 Good Governance and Democratization

Nov 2007

'Getting the Message Out: A two-step model of the role of the Internet in campaign communication flows during the 2005 British General Election.' Pippa Norris and John Curtice. For the Journal of Information Technology and Politics.

Nov 2007

'The globalization of comparative public opinion research.' New chapter  for the Handbook of Comparative Politics ed. Neil Robinson and Todd Landman. London: Sage Publications.

Oct 2007

'Silencing Dissent' New paper drawing on the 5th wave of the WVS to analyze the impact of restrictive media environments on regime support. Pippa Norris and Ronald Inglehart.

Sept 2007

Transfer back from UNDP in NY to research and teaching at Harvard University, Cambridge, MA.

Sept 2007

Revised syllabi and course notes available for Fall 2007 courses, including API413 Challenges of Democratization and API462Y Advanced research seminar on Law and Public Policy.

August 2007

New edited report, Making Democracy Deliver: Innovative Governance for Human Development  Forthcoming UNDP.

June 2007

Isolates or Socialites? The social ties of internet users.’ John Curtice and Pippa Norris. In British Social Attitudes Ed. Alison Park. London: Sage. Pp59-84.

June 2007

Opening the door: Women leaders and constitution-building in Iraq and Afghanistan.’ In Women Who Lead Ed. Barbara Kellerman. New York: Jossey Bass.

May 2007

New book! Driving Democracy: Do Power-sharing Institutions work?This manuscript is currently in press and all draft chapters are now posted here for comment and suggestions.

March 2007

 ‘Sellers or buyers in religious markets?’ (with Ronald Inglehart) In The New Religious Pluralism and Democracy. Ed. Thomas Banchoff New York: Oxford University Press.

Nov 2006

Support for the United Nations: Cosmopolitan versus Parochial orientations.’ Keynote address, World Values Survey meeting, Istanbul 2-5th Nov 2006.

July 2006

'Political Protest in Fragile States' Paper presented at the Presidential Plenary panel International Political Science Association (IPSA) World Congress in Fukuoka, Japan.

July 2006

'Opening the door: Women leaders and constitution-building in Iraq and Afghanistan.' Paper presented at International Political Science Association (IPSA) World Congress in Fukuoka, Japan.

May 2006

Transfer on unpaid leave to serve as the Director of the Democratic Governance Group, United Nations Development Program, New York. See http://www.undp.org/governance/ New address: Director, Democratic Governance Group, Bureau for Development Policy, UNDP, 304 East 45th St, Room 1018, NY, NY 10017 Pippa.Norris@UNDP.org (212) 906-5054

April 2006

The impact of electoral reform on women's representation. Article inActa Politica 2006.

April 2006

The role of the free press in promoting democratization. Paper for UNESCO/World Press Freedom Day, Conference in Sri Lanka.

April 2006

Support for Democratic Governance: Multidimensional Concepts and Survey Methods. Paper for Vanderbilt/UNDP Conference in Nashville, TN.

March 2006

Did the media matter? Agenda setting, persuasion and mobilization effects in the 2005 British general election. Paper in  the journalBritish Politics 1(2)

March 2006

'Opening the door: Women leaders and constitution-building in Iraq and Afghanistan.' Presentation at the United Nations 50th Session of the Commission on the Status of Women, organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Union and the UN Division for the Advancement of Women. New York, March 2006.

February 2006

گزينش نظام هاي انتخاباتي : تناسبي، اکثريتي و نظام هاي .’ (An Iranian translation of ‘Choosing Electoral Systems: Proportional, Majoritarian and Mixed Systems’) published by the Iranian parliament.

January 2006

Developments in party communications. Publications by the National Democratic Institute, Washington DC.

October 2005

Sacred and Secular has won the 2005 Virginia A. Hodgkinson Research Prize awarded by the Independent Sector. The prize was given at the 25th Annual Conference, Washington DC 25th October 2005.

September 2005

'The impact of political advertising in the 2001 British general election.' David   Sanders and Pippa Norris Political Research Quarterly

September 2005

Revised and updated syllabi for Gov-20 Introduction to Comparative Politics, Fall 2005. The FAS class website for Gov-20 is linked here.

September 2005

Revised and updated syllabi for STM-103 Good Governance and Democratization, Fall 2005. The STM103 Global Indicators Dataset has also been revised and updated.

August 2005

'Did the media matter? Priming, persuasion and mobilization effects in the 2005 British general election.'  Paper for EPOP post-election conference, University of Essex.

August 2005

'Rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic: The impact of postal-voting-on-demand in Britain.' Paper for APSA, Washington DC.

July 2005

Britain Votes 2005  edited by Pippa Norris and Christopher Wlezien for Oxford University Press. Introduction and Conclusions.

May 2005

The British Parliamentary Constituency Database, 1992-2005,codebook and dataset, Release 1.2 (12 May). This contains the results of the May 5th 2005 British general election and PA corrections from earlier releases.

April 2005

Series of columns for the Financial Times about the British general election, due on May 5th 2005.

1.            On the uphill challenge facing the Conservatives  FT 6 April 2005

2.            On the issue of immigration  FT 14 April 2005

3.            On prospects for ethnic minority candidates  FT 21 April 2005

4.            On turnout FT 25 April 2005

5.            On the campaign 5th May 2005

6.            On the results FT 7th May 2005

January 2005

As part of Britain Votes 2005 resources are now online for analyzing British elections.

January 2005

'Stable democracy and good governance in divided societies:  Do power-sharing institutions work?' Paper for the International Studies Association annual meeting, Honolulu, March 3-5 2005.

January 2005

Political activism: New challenges, new opportunities. Chapter for the Oxford   Handbook of Comparative Politics Eds. Carles Boix and Susan Stokes. Oxford   University Press.

December 2004

Building Political Parties. Report for International IDEA, Stockholm.

Nov 2004

Radical Right: Parties and electoral competition.  All draft chapters of the new book for Cambridge University Press are now available for downloading and comment.

Sept 2004

Revised syllabus for Gov-20 Introduction to Comparative Politics, Fall 2004

Sept 2004

Revised syllabus for STM-103 Good Governance and Democratization

Aug 2004

'The ‘new cleavage’ thesis and the social basis of radical right support.' Paper for APSA, Chicago

Aug 2004

'God, guns, and gays: Religion and Politics in the US and Western Europe.' Pippa Norris (Harvard University) and Ronald Inglehart (University of Michigan). Paper for APSA, Chicago

Aug 2004

'If you build a political website, will they come?The supply and demand model of new technology, social capital, and civic engagement in Britain.' By   Pippa Norris (Harvard University) and John Curtice (Strathclyde University). Paper for APSA, Chicago

May 2004

'Comment: Does PR promote political extremism, redux.' Short article for Representation 40(3)

May 2004

'From the Civic Culture to the Afro-Barometer: The expansion in cross-national public opinion surveys.' Short article for the APSA-Comparative Politics Newsletter

May 2004

Translated versions of my books are forthcoming. This includes a Chinese version of A Virtuous Circle (Published by Shanghai University Press, Fall 2004), and Korean and Arabic versions ofDigital Divide.

May 2004

Announcement of work opportunities for research and teaching posts for 2004-2005.

May 2004

Announcement of new research project: Women's representation in the Middle East: Evaluating positive action strategies. Fall 2004.

April 2004

'Closing the activism gap: Gender perspectives and political participation.’ With Joni Lovenduski and Rosie Campbell. Report for the UK Electoral Commission. See also press release and synopsis of key findings.

Mar 2004

'Its the women., stupid.Ms Magazine. Spring. With Ron Inglehart.

Feb 2004

The Rise of the Radical Right: Parties and electoral competition.New book under preparation for Cambridge University Press

Jan 2004

‘Civic engagement and the knowledge society.’ Report for UNESCO World Report ‘Building Knowledge Societies’.  (Link to this paper will be restored after publication in late spring 2005)

Feb 2003

'Implementing women's representation in Afghanistan electoral law: Options for reserved seats.' Report prepared for the Afghanistan Reconstruction Project.

Jan 2003

'Increasing women's representation in Iraq: What strategies would work best?' Report for the NED.

Jan 2003

'The evolution of electoral campaigns: Eroding civic engagement?'Conference paper for Otago University, Dunedin NZ.

Nov 2003

Young People & Political Activism: From the Politics of Loyalties to the Politics of Choice? Conference paper for Council of Europe Symposium, Strasbourg.

Sep 2003

Updated global dataset. New political variables added for the shared class dataset available in different file formats.

Sep 2003

New book: Sacred or secular: Religion and politics worldwide. Pippa Norris and Ronald Inglehart. The book, based on the fourth wave of the World Values Survey, out with CUP in Aug 2004.

August 2003

Updated syllabus STM103 Good Governance and Democratization Fall 2003

August 2003

'Will new technology boost turnout? Evaluating Experiments in e-voting v. all-postal voting facilities in UK local elections.' APSA paper forthcoming in a report for International IDEA.

August 2003

'How damaging is the transatlantic rift? Bush’s leadership and America’s allies.' For Compass: A Journal of Leadership.

July 2003

'Increasing Women’s Representation in Government: What strategies would work best for Afghanistan?' Report prepared for theAfghanistan Reconstruction Project.

May 2003

'Deepening democracy via e-governance.' Report for the UN World Public Sector Report.

April 2003

Gendering social capital: Bowling in women's leagues?' Paper for the conference on gender and social capiyal, University of Manitoba.

Apr 2003

Updates to data files. On British By-elections 1945 to 2002.  Available in either Acrobat.pdf or as an Excel spreadsheet formats.

Mar 2003

Electoral Engineering: Voting Rules and Political behaviorPippa Norris. All draft chapters are posted here. The new book is out with CUP in Spring 2004.

Feb 2003

Does ethnicity determine support for the governing party? The structural and attitudinal basis of partisan identification in 12 African nations. New paper with Robert Mattes. 

Jan 2003

Framing Terrorism: The News Media, Government and the Public.For Routledge, 2003, edited with Montague Kern and Marion Just.

Dec 2002

Ballot structures and legislative behavior. Paper for the conference on 'Exporting Congress?' Florida International University, Miami.

Oct 2002 

Who demonstrates? Anti-state rebels, conventional participants, or everyone? Conference paper with Stefaan Walgrave and Peter Van Aelst forthcoming in Comparative Politics.

Oct 2002

Skeptical Patients: Performance, Social Capital and Culture. New paper for the Harvard School of Public Health conference.

Oct 2002

The global generation: Cohort support for European governance. Conference   paper.

Aug 2002

La participación ciudadana: México desde una perspectiva comparativa Paper in Spanish and in English on Mexican civic engagement in comparative perspective.

July 2002

Gov-20 Introduction to Comparative Politics. New course syllabi for Fall 2002.

June 2002

'Still a public service ethos? Work values, experience and job satisfaction among government workers.' Conference paper and book chapter.

June 2002

'Electoral reform and fragmented multipartyism: The mechanical and psychological effects of electoral systems on party systems.'Conference paper on Brazil.

Apr 2002

Islam and the West: Testing the Clash of Civilizations Thesis. Pippa Norris and Ronald Inglehart. Article in Comparative Sociology.

Apr 2002

E-voting as the Magic Ballot? The impact of Internet voting on turnout in European Parliamentary elections  New conference paper.

Apr 2002

Tuned Out Voters? Media Impact on Campaign Learning. New conference paper.

Feb 2002

The bridging or bonding role of online communities. Pippa Norris.Editorial The   Harvard Journal of Press-Politics 7(3) Fall 2002.

Feb 2002

Rising Tide: Gender Equality and Cultural Change around the World.Book published spring 2003.Inglehart and Norris. 

Jan 2002

Message or Medium? Campaign learning during the 2001 British general election. Pippa Norris and David Sanders. Published inPolitical Communication.

Jan 2002

Un circolo virtuoso?' Chapter 3. In Il circuito politico-mediale Ed. Angelo Mellone. Rome. Rubbettino editore. [Italian translation]