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The following data-sets are available for downloading and replication. Contact me if you have any trouble with the format of the data or code-books. 

In most cases, right click on the mouse, then 'Save target as...' to download the file.



The expert survey of Perception of Electoral Integrity (PEI_3.5) (New)

Description: How do we know when elections meet international standards and principles - and when they fail? To examine this issue, the Electoral Integrity Project has developed a new survey of expert perceptions of electoral integrity.

Methods: The latest (July 2015) release 3.5 covers 153 presidential and parliamentary national elections held in 125 countries worldwide from 1 July 2012 to 30 June 2015. Subsequent data will continue to be collected and released annually on a rolling basis to cover all countries and elections worldwide.

Documentation: You can download all data from EIP's Dataverse. The code book discusses the technical methods and the variables. The annual report provides the descriptive results for each election. More information

Release date:
July 2015

May 6th 2010 British General Election Constituency Results Release 5.0

Description: The May 6th 2010 British General Election Constituency Results.  The data-set includes the British constituency results with the 2005 and 2010 share of the vote for each party, the candidates for each party (sex and race), the vote swing, seat changes, and constituency census data

Methods: The 2005 election results are based on the PA (Rallings and Thrasher) notional results (due to boundary changes since the 2001 election).  

Alex Singleton at UCL matched 2001 Census data to the new Westminster constituency boundaries used for the 2010 election. These census variables have now been added to the constituency results data-set, including the distribution of SES, occupational and industrial sectors, ethnic groups, religion, migrants, 'Acorn' groups, and types of households. More details about the construction of the census variables is available from and about the Acorn classification from ( . The Code-book Census Data can also be downloaded for more details. 

Release date: 28 May 2010. 

Democracy Cross-national Data, Release 4.0 Fall 2015 (New)

Description: This data-set  facilitates comparisons of 193 contemporary states.

It contains data on the social, economic and political characteristics of 193 nations with over 1000 variables.

Release date: August 2015

Democracy Time-series Data Release 3.0, January 2009

Description: This data-set is in a country-year case format, suitable for cross-national time-series analysis.

It contains data on the social, economic and political characteristics of 191 nations with over 600 variables from 1971 to 2007.

In particular, it merges the indicators of democracy by Freedom House, Vanhanen, Polity IV, and Cheibub and Gandhi,  selected institutional classifications and also socioeconomic indicators.  

Note that you should check the original code-book for the definition and measurement of each of the variables. The period for each series also varies.  This is the replication data-set used in the book, Driving Democracy.

Release date: January 2009


The British Parliamentary Constituency Database, 1992-2005. Release 1.3.

Description: The British constituency election results (votes, seats and candidates) and constituency-level matched census data for national general elections from 1992-2005.

Release date: May 2005

The British Parliamentary Constituency database, 1992-2001. Release 1.2

Description: The constituency-level election results (votes, seats and candidates) and matched census data for British general elections in 1992, 1997 and 2001. The zipped file is the fastest and easiest to download.

The files include the data-set for all British Parliamentary Constituencies 1992-2001 and voting results in SPSS and Excel formats and a PDF report summarizing the results.

Release date: 21st June 2001

The Campaign Learning Experimental Study, 2001

Description: This is an experimental study by David Sanders and Pippa Norris designed to assess what people learn during the 2001 British election campaign from five different types of media (TV news, broadsheet newspapers, tabloid newspapers, party election broadcasts, and party websites).

Methods: The report summarizes the research design. To try the experiment before reading about their aims and design first complete the pre-test questionnaire, then read either the broadsheet newspaper compilation or browse the party website for about 30 minutes, then complete the post-test questionnaire. You can analyze your response by comparing the pre- and post-test questionnaires. An executive report posting the key results of the analysis will be posted here in summer.  The experiments relate also to the 2001 British Election Study.  

Release date: July 2001

The British Representation Study 2001

Description: This is the survey of all parliamentary candidates standing for the major British parties in the 2001 general election, directed by Pippa Norris and Joni Lovenduski. The project was administered at Birkbeck College, University of London and funded by the Center for Public Leadership at the Kennedy School.

The data has been anonymized to preserve confidentiality and constituency-level data has been merged with the survey data.

Further surveys were conducted in the 2005 British general election by Dr Rosie Campbell at Birbeck College and in the 2010 British general election by Dr Wolfgang Rudig at Strathclyde University.

Release date: July 2001


The zipped folder containing all the following files:
  • Codebook 
  • Data in downloadable SPSS portable format 
  • Questionnaire 

The British Representation Study 1997

Description: This presents the results of the survey of 1000 parliamentary candidates and MPS from all the major parties running in the 1997 British general election, directed by Pippa Norris and Joni Lovenduski. 

Methods: The BRS includes data on the political attitudes and values, experience, and the social background of British politicians seeking elected office in the 1997 British general election. The survey was conducted using a mail survey.

Release Date: July 1997

The zipped folder contains all the following files.

  • Codebook 
  • Data in downloadable SPSS portable format 
  • Questionnaire 
  • Frequencies

The British Candidate Study 1992

Description: This data-set contains the results of the survey of Parliamentary Candidates and MPS from all major parties running in the 1992 British general election, directed by Pippa Norris and Joni Lovenduski.  

Methods: The survey was conducted using a mail survey with replies from 1,676 respondents in all the major parties, (a 69% response rate). The series of surveys was subsequently continued in the 1997 and 2001 British Representation Studies (see above).

The code-book and questionnaire specify the contents. More details are available in Pippa Norris and Joni Lovenduski Political Recruitment (Cambridge, UK: Cambridge University Press, 1995)

Release date: July 1995


The zipped folder contains all the following files.
  • Codebook 
  • Data in downloadable SPSS portable format 
  • Questionnaire 

The Freedom House Classification of Democracies 1983-1999.

The sheets contain the following information for approx 201 countries worldwide.

1. Freedom House Ratings 1998-99: Political rights, civil liberties, combined ratings, Per capita GDP, Life Expectancy. 2. Type of Democracy 3. Freedom combined score. 4. Political rights scale 5. Civil liberties scale.

Release date: 2000

The British Election Study 1997

Description: The British national election study in 1997 contest had several components including  the cross-sectional post-election survey, the campaign panel study, the survey of Scotland, the survey of ethnic minorities, the contents analysis and related experimental studies.

Release date: 1997

Link to the British Election Study at the University of Manchester for the questionnaires, code-books and cross-sectional data-sets in the BES series since 1963.  

British By-election Results 1945-2012 

Description: This data-set contains the vote for each party and the change in the vote at constituency level for almost 500 by-elections in Britain from 1945 to May 2012.

Release date: 2012

Data in Excel format


British Gallup Opinion Polls 1945-2000

Description: This data-set contains the vote share of the major parties, and the change in the vote since the previous general election, recorded in the British monthly Gallup opinion polls 1945-2000.

Release date: 2000

Data in Excel format

The World Values Study

Link to for more details and data, including the 6th wave dataset released in Spring 2014.


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