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Concert Repertoire

The tunes in the concert repertoire are written in the CelticPipes format. The files contain the Pipes score and the Drum Score (when available). PDF files are also provided (with both scores). To print only the Pipes or The Drums score open the CelticPipes file and print the score you need.

Steam Train to Mallaig

This tune is designed for four (or more) pipers, and is made up of "verses" punctuated with a chorus.

The "Steam Train to Mallaig" is a real train. It starts near the highest mountain in Britain (Ben Nevis), visits Britain's most westerly mainland railway station (Arisaig), then passes close by the deepest freshwater loch in Britain (Loch Morar), and the shortest river in Britain (River Morar) and finally arrives next to the deepest seawater loch in Europe - Loch Nevis. The train leaves Fort William at 10:20am and returns to Fort William at 4:00pm with an hour and a half in Mallaig. The train does stop en route to Mallaig at the village of Glenfinnan where Bonnie Prince Charlie raised his standard in 1745. After crossing the world famous 21 arch Glenfinnan viaduct, which has been used in the Harry Potter movies, and offers views down Loch Shiel, the train stops at the station.

Medley 1

  • Cutting Bracken (March),
  • Glasgow City Police Pipers (Jig), 
  • The Bells of Dunblane (Slow Air),
  • Molly Connell (Strathspey), 
  • Aspen Bank (Strathspey), 
  • Kelsey's Wee Reel (Reel).

Medley 2

  • Greenwood Side (March),
  • Mac An Irish (Strathspey),
  • Sandy Duff (Reel),
  • Mull Of The Mountains (Slow Air),
  • The Clumsy Lover (Jig).

Movies' Musics Medley

This medley is build up with the following tunes:

  • The Fellowship Reunited  (2 themes).
  • Hector the Hero,
  • Chariots of fire,
  • The Last of the Mohicans.

With pipes and drums only we play this set the following way:

    1. The Fellowship Reunited theme 1, once : pipes only
    2. The Fellowship Reunited theme 1, once : pipes + drums (last B hold 4 beats, see score)
    3. Hector the Hero
    4. The Fellowship Reunited 2: pipe solo
    5. The Chariots of Fire: pipes + drums
    6. The Fellowship Reunited theme 2: pipes
    7. The Fellowship Reunited theme 2 : pipes + drums (last A hold 4 beats ?)
    8. Slow air The Last of the Mohicans: pipe solo
    9. Slow air The Last of the Mohicans: all pipes
    10. Fast part The Last of the Mohicans: pipes + drums (2 times)
    11. The Fellowship Reunited theme 1: pipes only
    12. The Fellowship Reunited theme 1: pipes + drums.. slow down and rolls at the end

Jigs, Hornpipes

Played in a set:

We play first "Farewell to Camraw" then the four following jigs

  • The Panda 
  • The Price of a Pig
  • Flee the Glen
  • "McKintyre's Marching Band" (see Yame!) or "Out of the Air"

For Soloist:

  • The Eavesdropper
  • The Friars Britches
  • Banjo Breakdown (jig 4 parts),
  • Donald Cameron's Powder Horn (jig 4 parts),
  • Duncan Johnstone (hornpipe),
  • Mason's Apron (hornpipe)