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Basic Repertoire

The tunes in the basic repertoire are written in the Celtic Pipes format. The files contain the Pipes score and the Drum Score. PDF files are also provided (with both scores). To print only the Pipes or The Drums score open the Celtic Pipes file and print the score you need.

Set 4/4

  • Bonnie Gallowa,
  • Minstrel Boy,
  • Rowan Tree,
  • Killiekrankie.

Set 2/4

Set 3/4

Set 6/8

  • Glencoe,
  • Colonel Robertson,
  • Farewell to the Creeks.

Set Scotland the Brave

Beginners' Medley

Slow Airs: Traditionnal Set:

Slow Airs: Celtic Set (Breton, Irish):

  • Borders of Salt,
  • Irish Sea.

Slow Airs:

  • Highland Cathedral,
  • Farewell to Camraw - PM R. Mathieson switched the S&DCPB band chanters from Warmac to Shepherd after he had taken over from the MacAllisters in 1987. The MacAllister family, because of the Warnock/Warmac business and history, was obviously not pleased with the move. This is the origin of Mathieson's famous tune: 'Farewell to Camraw', that the Shotts played in their 1993 and 1994 medleys, coinciding with their spectacular return to the top of the Worlds. (Warmac = camraW)