Pipe Dreams Aviary Albany, Oregon

Rehabilitation, Placement & Education for 24 years

"In the end, we conserve only what we love. We will love only what we 

understand. We will understand only what we are taught." 

Baba Dioum, Senegalese poet


Welcome to Pipe Dreams Aviary based in Albany, Oregon. We provide rehabilitation, placement and education for birds such as pigeons and doves, reptiles such as tortoises, lizards and snakes and insects such as tarantulas and roaches. We have been providing this service for 24 years out of our home. Some of the over 200 animals that come into our rescue yearly require an average of $159 in vet costs. In the case of an Umbrella Cockatoo, it was $1,300.

We provide free classes on the care, environmental setup or training of several dozen different animal species.  We handmake ALL of our animals diets and instruct people on how to do the same with no products used from pet stores.

We also provide roughly 100 free educational presentations yearly, using some of our animals, at schools and other venues.

We work with several police departments, wildlife facilities, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, United States Fish and Wildlife and the United States Department of Agriculture.

We work very closely with all rescues in Oregon & Washington that have the same goal as us: to educate.

Insect shelves:

Bird room:

Inside turtle (bottom) and snakes (top) shelf:

Outside aviary:

Outside turtle pens:

Pigeon aviaries:
Intensive Care room:

Daytime chicken run:

Daytime bunny run:

Rescue is not a "service" by All Parrot Rescue/A.P.R, Wa.

Rescue is not a "service". We are not obligated to do it. We are volunteers, not paid employees. You are not doing us a "favor" by adopting one of the animals we rescued and rehabilitated, we are entrusting you to take care of that animal that we have cared for and loved. Please don't make demands, we take time away from our families, our animals, our paid
jobs, our lives, ALL THE TIME, to do what
we are so passionate about. Our families complain. Sometimes our responsibilities are not prioritized. Please be patient. We wish we could respond to you faster. Rescue is not only about passion, but time and money. How do you think the animals get to the vet? To adoption events? Who do you think feeds them, buys their food, toys, harness/leashes and bathes them, cleans them & their areas, trains them and shows them affection? How do you think we pay for vet care? Please don't balk at a measly adoption donation when we put our ALL into these animals, making sure they are healthy, and doing our best to find them a forever home, such as yours. Don't try to guilt us into doing more. We are NOT responsible for everyone else's messes. We already do more than we can or should, trust me. After all, we are human, just like you, trying to do the best we can, with lives and bills and problems just like everyone else. Work with us. Help us when you can. Crosspost, volunteer, foster, donate .

More pictures of presentations & animals:

Available for adoption, policies & special announcements

Supplies needed right now: Grains, nuts, milk replacements, dog kibble, cat kibble, fruits & veggies, dried fruit & veggies

Birds for adoption:
2 larger conures
2 parakeets
9 house doves
All birds come with a cage (unless an adequate one is already owned by the prospective adopter) toys, perches, water and food bowls and are on a proper whole diet before they leave. Most are also at different stages of target or clicker training before they go.
Small animals available:
2 fixed male rabbits
1 unfixed female rabbit

Reptiles available:
1 female box turtle
1 east African spiny tailed lizard
several leopard geckos
male leatherback bearded dragon, very friendly & eats great

Invertebrates/insects available:

In the Intensive Care Unit:

Foster homes only:
special needs female Russian tortoise
special needs geckos
If you are looking to adopt a bird, invert or small animal, please email me and we can discuss options. (Please be patient when emailing and awaiting a response, there are days where I have talked to a dozen new people about various rescue related subjects in addition to my regular commitments. It may take me a few days to get back to you.) 

Adoption criteria varies with each species of bird or small animal. But all will be expected to be kept in the same care as when they leave here, if not better. Please understand that most of the birds or small animals that come in have been abused, neglected or have never had medical care and that they will need alot of patience and love. 

We do not have interviews with a dozen or more people at one time and then decide on the one who adopts. We have one interview at a time, deciding on each person or situation as to if it will be the ideal home or not. Adoption fees are non refundable, we are not a bank. We will require you to be truthful to yourself about your budget and decide if you can afford the care and vetting required for any animal. We are happy to work with low income situations. 

We do not adopt to 3rd parties. The person who is wanting to adopt must come to meet the bird or small animal so that we can talk more in person to ensure the person is indeed wanting a new pet and capable of caring for it.

We do not adopt to exotic bird breeders. There are on average 1,500 bird rescues alone across the United States and every one of them is full year around. We see no reason to adopt to an exotic bird breeder who is contributing to this problem. 

We do not supply pictures of adoptable animals through the internet. We are looking for perminant placements and providing pictures will not ensure that.  Instead, basing an adoption on the care that can be provided instead of cosmetics, can ensure a lifelong home.
If you need to rehome a parrot please contact Exotic Bird Rescue of Oregon at www.rescuebird.com. We are taking in parrot species on a refferal or emergency basis only. If you need to relinquish apigeon, dove, gamebird, invert, reptile or small animal, please email me or see the links for other rescues in your area. Please try to get your bird or small animal into the vet for a wellness exam before you release them to any rescue to help that rescue keep down on initial vet care costs. Please send the paperwork with the bird or small animal to the rescue taking them in.
We only take in guinea pigs or rabbits on an emergency basis so please see the rescue links page for more info on the rescues who do take in these species. 
We are always looking for transporters, if this is something you are interested in doing, email me with your location and how far you are willing to transport in any direction along with your address, email address and phone number.
We are always in need of foster homes for birds and small animals that are needing more training, socializing or time to adjust to a proper whole diet, please email with questions. We prefer to foster to homes that are interested in possibly adopting after fostering. All familiy members must be included in the decision to foster. Most birds, reptiles and small animals in the available for adoption area above are available for foster homes.
We do accept volunteers. If you are 18 or younger, we require a parent or guardian to be with you at all times. If you are 18 or older, we just need to know the day and time you want to come. We reserve the right to release volunteers for any reason.
Our daily schedule is:
Tuesday: feeding non venomous insects, feed snakes
Wednesday: feed venomous insects, feed insects to omnivorous turtles/tortoises
Thursday: clean all cages/enclosures, clean bird gyms, clean aviary

Other rescues' adoption lists & special announcements

Westcoast Hedgehogs Corvallis, Oregon:
several assorted age hedgehogs & Egyptian spiny mice
Lizard Love Reptile Rescue in Dallas, Oregon:

 1 adult male "Tangerine" Cornsnake $30
* 2 juvenile male Cornsnakes $40 each...
* 1 adult male 5 ft. Het-Albino Columbian Redtail Boa $40
* 4 normal Ball Pythons (sizes range from smaller to large). Price varies. Please inquire.
* 1 adult male Bearded Dragon $35
* 1 adult male “special needs” Bearded Dragon $30 (adoption pending)
* 1 adult female Bearded Dragon $30 (adoption pending)
* 1 juvenile female Crested Gecko $40
* 2 adult female Leopard Gecko’s $20 each
* 1 male Russian Tortoise $60
* 2 Sideneck Turtles (1 male and 1 female). They must leave as a pair! We will not rehome them separately. $80
* 1 small juvenile Green Iguana. $45
* 1 larger juvenile male Green Iguana. He is not used to being handled and comes off as aggressive (he whips his tail if you try to touch him. He has not tried to bite, just whips). He needs to go to someone with handling experience. He will need a lot of hands-on time to tame down, but seems fairly sweet once calm. $40
* 1 adult male Chinese Water Dragon $40. For the full set-up (40 gallon tank, substrate, housing decorations, water bowl, and proper lighting) $100


Red Barn Rabbit Rescue needs help to get rabbits fixed as they come in, please visit their website for more info on donating:
Phoebes Rabbit Haven- We are a small rabbit only rescue in Salem and surrounding areas run by a network of volunteers and foster families. We want to help you find the perfect rabbit companion . It starts by looking at our available rabbits here and reading their profiles. From there we are happy to set up a get to know you play date where you can spend some quality time with the rabbits and find the companion that's right for you!
View our adoptables at
http://www.petfinder.com/pet-search?shelterid=OR275 or contact us a (971)208-5758
Our adoption fees are $55 for a single and $100 for a bonded pair, this includes their spay/neuter, vet exam, starter food, hay, litter, litter boxes, thorough education and continuing support.