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Parallel FFTJ


Parallel FFTJ is a multithreaded FFT plugin for ImageJ. The code is derived from FFTJ (version 2.0) written by Nick Linnenbrügger. Parallel FFTJ has the same functionality as FFTJ, but its performance is much better. There is one significant difference between these two plugins: Parallel FFTJ applies scaling when the inverse FFT is chosen, while FFTJ does that for forward FFT. 


  • The plugin can handle arbitrary-sized 3D volumes as well as single 2D images 
  • The user can choose:
    • complex number precision (single or double)
    • FFT direction (forward or inverse)
    • the number of computational threads
  • For the output of the transformation, the user can choose:
    • Fourier domain origin
    • real Part
    • imaginary part
    • Fourier frequency spectrum
    • logarithmic Fourier frequency spectrum
    • Fourier phase spectrum
    • Fourier power spectrum
    • logarithmic Fourier power spectrum


  • Color images are not supported
  • The number of threads must be a power-of-two number


To install the plugin, just download the binary distribution, unpack the archive into the plugin directory and restart ImageJ. The plugin will appear under Plugins » Parallel FFTJ menu.

View User Manual for FFTJ


Parallel FFTJ is released under the GNU General Public License, except for Parallel Colt.


The source code distribution, besides Ant build file, contains also Eclipse project files. To build the source code you need to download Parallel Colt or use the jar file from binary distribution of Parallel FFTJ.

version 1.4 (September 14, 2013) changelog.txt