User manual


BikeComputer is android application aimed to be replacement end extension of standard bike computer.
Extensions include track logging, viewing tracks on-device or using Google Earth, or any other application with ability to read KML files.

Main Screen

On main screen you can see 10 user configurable gauges. Perform long-push, and choose desired data type.
Possible choice includes:

Values based on current position:

Current speed

Altitude over sea level

Move Direction

Values based on trip statistics:

Trip distance
Distance from first gps position or last statistics reset

Total trip time
Total time from last statistics reset, or first GPS fix.

Idle time
How long your speed, was lower than idle speed limit set in preferences.

Active time
Total time - idle time

Average speed
Average speed calculated using active time only.

Average speed gross
Average speed calculated using total time.

Total uphill / downhill
Sums of uphills, downhills calculated as position to position difference.

Values based on GPS status:

Theoretical position accuracy provided by GPS receiver
Number of satellites with fix and number of all visible satellites - both provided by GPS receiver.

Using menu, you can:

Start/stop recording
Start or stop recording of your track.
Open list of saved tracks - it's also start point to all features based on saved tracks (view, export, rename etc.)

Open editor for application settings and preferences.


Reset track statistics - distance, time, average speed.


Close application and stop underlaying service.


Editor for application settings. You have to use save button at the bottom, some of setting will be applied after application restart.

Storage type
You can choose between internal and external memory (external storage card, or built in user memory)  I recommend to use internal storage, although some of devices have really tiny built-in space you can move all storage to external memory. If you using higher version of android, probably using system feature for moving application and it's data to SD is better choice.

Switch between metric and imperial units. If set to metric, speed is shown as km/h,  distance as kilometers, altitude, accuracy as meters.
If set to imperial miles per hour, miles and feets are used do present data.

Back light
If checked back light is always on. This setting increase battery usage.

Screen orientation

You can turn off automatic screen rotation - I recommend to set portrait orientation.

Idle speed
Measuring of idle time is based on this value. This is expressed in m/s. Default limit 0.2 should filter small position flows when you waiting for green light. Set 2, if you also would filter walking time.

Export filter
Filter performing "loose" compression - some points will be omitted while exporting to KML. Result file will be smaller, easier to send, and much easier to parse and display using Google Earth. Omitted are points which pass all conditions - speed, distance, time less than set.

Tracks list

Using this screen you can manage saved tracks. When you export track, look fr result file in <your SD card>/bikeComputer/ folder. You can also send track by mail. Switch to "View on map" to get access to trip statistics (use map menu do display it).