Q: What is idle speed?

A: If your current speed is below idle speed limit trip time is paused. It influences on average speed to. Additionally distance measuring is also paused to avoid measuring position dilutions.

Q: How speed and distance is measured?

A: Actually, only speed is measured by GPS receiver. Distance is calculated as difference between current and previous location. It means, that result may differ from velocity * time calculation. It's a feature of GPS system.

Q: Why only KML is supported?

A: KML is currently most ordinary track format. If you have other needs you can use i.e. GPS Bable, or ask me to implement other format.

Q: Those ads are boring - where is "PRO" version

A: Ad-free version is avaliable form Google Play

Q: I have an idea.....

A: Just send this to me. All your comments are welcome. If your idea qualifies to implementation you will get code for turning off ads, and other profits as soon as they appear... Feel free to contact me by mail: piotrpo(at)gmail(dot)com