Move! Bike Computer


What is that?

BikeComputer is android application. Main goal of app is to substitute and extend functionality of standard bike speedometer. Of course it can be used in any activity, where speed and distance matters.

What can it do?

Basic speedometer functions:
  • Display your current speed.
  • Display maximum speed
  • Display average speed and trip time, optionally excluding idle time (user defined idle speed limit)
A bit more...
  • record GPS path
  • export track to .KML format used i. e. by Google Earth
  • View saved tracks on map.
  • Work in background mode, so you can use your phone in any way and still have your track recorded.
Please also see FAQ.

How to install?

Search Android Market for keyword BikeComputer.
You can also visit one of AM browsers and use QR Codes for download - i.e. Androlib.

Work in progress.

I develop this application in my spare time - it means that new functionality will be released on c.a. 14 days base, mainly on Sundays.

Track points filter. (done - version 1.1.0)

Some track points will not be  saved and / or exported. Filter will omit points if:
  • Time since last write is short
  • Bearing not changed significantly
  • Distance from last saved point is short
All those conditions will be user configurable. Filtering will be optional.

Viewing tracks on-device (done - version 1.2.0)

Adding feature to viewing tracks on-device, using Google Maps.

Background recording (done - version 1.3.0)

BikeComputer will be work in background mode too. User will be able to manually stop GPS tracking.
This is quite big change, so please be patient. I should release this change until Friday. Technically speaking, it also let me easier development of others features, so expect changes.

Shadow racing. (done - version 1.5.0)

User will be able to race against saved tracks.
Will be available at the end of October. Now I'm focused on bug fixes and making  user interface more usable and clear.

Interval timer. (done as separate app)

Released as Stamina! Endurance builder 

Customizable user interface. (done)

User will be able to choose what he want to see on application main screen.

How to help

If you like this app, you can also contribute it's development by:
  • Using it
  • Bug reports
  • Improvement suggestions
  • New functionality suggestions
Feel free to contact me by email: piotrpo(at)

CSV Export format

Colums in CSV are:
"latitude","longitude", "altitude", "speed", "time"

Subpages (2): FAQ User manual