About Me

Welcome to my website,

I am an Assistant Professor at the Department of Economics, Finance and Accounting, University of Leicester. I am also a member of the Institute of Economics, Polish Academy of Sciences. I received my PhD from the Tinbergen Institute and the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

You can find my CV here: [curriculum vitae]


New publication: Declining Search Frictions, Unemployment and Self-Employment is now forthcoming in the Economic Journal. The paper is available on the journal's website here

New grant: Tim Obermeier and I have been awarded a grant by the British Academy for the project Inequality and the Role of Work Hours: Understanding the Determinants of Work Hours Choices.

Research Interests:

Macroeconomics, Labour Economics, Information Economics, Search

Contact details:

piotr.denderski [at] le.ac.uk

University of Leicester

Brookfield  1.23

266 London Road

LE2 1RQ, Leicester