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This is not an endorsement from Pioneer members nor its officers/directors. 
Members and non members can contact the following trainers who are authorized to conduct business at our club. 

Members are not allowed to bring non-board approved instructors to Pioneer.

Note to Instructors:
In order to be an approved instructor at Pioneer you must have the following completed and approved. 
    1. You must be a member in good standing
    2. Have reasonable credentials for the subjects you teach
    3. Provide proof of insurance with Pioneer Sportsmen Inc named
    4. Submit your information to the board of directors for approval
    5. If you need exclusive use of any part of the facilities please make a request at a membership meeting or board meeting
Please contact BOD secretary if you feel you should be added to this list or have corrections.

 Name  Web Site
Siobhan Droney
Archery Only Instructor
 Mike Briggs
New England Tactical
John Straniero
Granite Pistol Training
Dennis Crawford
Goldstar Tactical
Mason Lane
Firearms Training
Rob Tibbo
Critical Defense Institute
Brian Harding
Intro to Handgun/Competative Shooting
IDPA So Instructor
Peter Jukoski
Devin McManus
Basic Pistol Training
Frank Schackart
Kevin Miller
Pistol & Rifle/Concealed Carry
Bryan Fontaine
Basic Firearms, Defensive Firearms, 
Low Light Firearms, Firearms Safety, Mass TLC Cource