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Restricted Access

Pioneer Restricted Access Course





The club has determined that certain designated ranges (or bays) as well as certain activities need to be restricted to individuals who have undergone additional training, beyond what is covered in the new member orientation course.  Safety remains the number one concern for restricted access.


Two levels of access have been created in response to many members who want to practice but not become Range Officers. The purpose of R1 (or level1) is to allow a member to use these areas or activities on their own (for practice, match training, and enjoyment). Level2’s (R2) may supervise others who wish to do the same but are not on the list.

1         Restricted Areas and Activities

The following are restricted areas and activities:

·         The “Wall” bay and the “House” bay are restricted range areas due to the structures, which limit down range visibility.

·         The steel tables used for Pin Shoots on the “Pistol Range” or “50yrd range” are also restricted.

·         Shooting at steel targets (poppers and plates used in steel challenge) due to ricochets, skips and splatter.

·         Practicing low light shooting on the indoor range



These areas and activities are not restricted to members or guests when the area or activity is part of a club match, designated practice events, or other club sanctioned event. Certified Safety Officers/Range Officers (SO/RO’s) do not need to be on the restricted list when approved and appointed by the Match Director for the duration of the event.


2         What permission is granted to those on the list?


Unless the areas have been designated as closed by the CSRO or BOD, R1 and R2’s:

·         May set up and shoot the steel challenge stages. Shooting must be done from the designated shooting position (box)

·         May set up courses of fire using the house and wall bays

·         Use any of the steel targets such as poppers that are not locked away

·         Practice low light shooting on the indoor range


R2’s only:

1.      Supervise other shooters (members and guest) allowing them to participate in the restricted activity



3         How do I gain restricted permission?                        

The Board of Directors has adopted the following Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).



·         Be a member of PSI in good standing, i.e. no probationary action or safety infractions

·         Submit paperwork that you’ve achieved at least a rating of Novice on the IDPA Classifier for R1 rating.

·         If applicant is applying for R2, they would also need proof of attending a safety officer class (IDPA, USPSA, or NRA), as well as verification from the IDPA or SC discipline chairman that they have officiated at least one match as a Safety Officer.

·         Applicant is responsible to present docs proving qualifications at the time of the class to the instructor.

·         If an applicant has fulfilled the requirements above, then the applicant must be recommended by any one of the following: IDPA Discipline Chairmen, Steel Challenge Discipline Chairmen or any of the PSI Range Safety Officers (RSO).

Application Process

Once all prerequisites have been satisfied:


·         The applicant should submit their application on the website

·         Verify that their application got submitted with any of the following: IDPA Discipline Chair, Steel Challenge Discipline Chair or any of the PSI Range Safety Officers (RSO).

·         Classes held May-Sept on an as needed basis and subject to instructor availability

o   Typically 8-12 Students per class (Actual number is at the discretion of Instructor)

·         The list of applicants will be maintained and reviewed by the IDPA Chairman, the Steel Challenge Chairman, and the CRSO.

·         The following are authorized to teach the course:

o   CRSO or his designee*

o   IDPA Discipline Chairmen or his designee*

o   Steel Challenge Discipline Chairmen or his designee*


* The BOD must approve all instructors. The list of approved instructors will be updated annually or as necessary and maintained by the CRSO.



4         Restricted Access FAQ


·        What if I’m already certified as a RO prior to joining Pioneer?

We recognize that some members may have been an SO at another club or worked at our club prior to becoming a member. Those in that situation should schedule a meeting with the Pioneer CRSO. You will still need to attend the P-RAC. Once the CRSO is satisfied that all the requirements have been met, he/she can add the member to the Restricted Access list.

·        Do I have to complete all the requirements at Pioneer?

Please check with the CRSO before attending an outside event to make sure it will count. If you had already done them prior to the new restricted list procedure, check with the CRSO to see if they can be counted.

·        When are the courses offered?

Each course is usually offered once or twice a year as needed and will also include specific range rules at Pioneer. Let the CRSO know you are interested and he will add you to the email list and you’ll be kept up to date on any upcoming courses.

Members that qualified for restrictive range use is listed on the Restricted Range  List. The list is posted in the clubhouse and IDPA shed. It is updated by the CRSO.


·        What about Law Enforcement?

Many departments fall under the category of “Special Group” members. Issues concerning Police departments or law enforcement divisions are handled separately by the Board designated liaison. Any other special groups or outside training organizations must seek Board approval for restricted activities.


·        I’m a new member with no certification; can I skip P-RAC and jump into the RO/SO course?

No. The new methodology will limit the amount of overlap in the two courses.

·        Can you be removed from the list?

It is expected you will follow the guidelines set in the course. If for any reason you are put on probation or your membership is revoked, then you will be removed from the list.


·         I was on the old list prior to the new division into two levels in 2013, what am I now?

If you were on the old list and have taken the RO/SO course, you are grandfathered in as a R2. (You are not required to take the new PRAC course, but are encouraged to do so.)  If you were on the list, but have not had a RO/SO course, you will be an R1.



For more information or questions contact the CRSO or Mike Briggs.

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