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Five Year Plan

April 2013 the Board decided to cap membership at 350 members due to increased pressure duing the winter months on the indoor facilities. Parking was also mentioned as a concern as well as the use of the club for Agencies and Education. A committe was formed to up with a long term plan for the club that would investigate and prioritize the needs of the club for the next 5-10 years. "What would the club need to support more members" was the primary concern. The committee has met and send some emails back and forth and has come up with the following list for a brainstorming session. Results from the club survey are posted at the bottom.

Pioneer Sportsmen 5 Year Plan Proposal

Firearm Range Improvements / Wish List

- Suitable surface (concrete?) to shoot prone smallbore 50 and 100y on Silhouette range.  An NRA discipline that would enable a youth 3P smallbore program.
- Extended Rifle Range. UPdate: Going from 100 to 200 is feasible with 50 yard extension in each direction.
-      Gongs on the rifle range
- Baffles.  Are we close enough to residences that at some point...we may need to put in baffle system like other clubs? Other sound control? 
sound barrier
- Lead management.  Spread lime over their berms as an NRA prescribed approach to stabilize lead in the water system. 
- Recycle, Can we have a company come in to “farm” the lead and pay us for it?
- More secure storage for Action shooting props – steel shipping containers? Done.
- Outdoor air rifle range near parking for winter use - Discovered old archery range has berm which would be suitable? Done
- Berm “cover” to keep from freezing. This would look similar to a sand shack and other clubs do this 
- Silhouette should have the road go BEHIND their safe covered areas (update: potential issue with steep grade drop and designated wet lands, not feasible)
- Multipurpose bay needs to be just a little longer for appleseed and other shoots (25meters?) - Done. Headed up by Dennis Crawford
- Wall between rifle and multipurpose - is it safe? Convert to dirt berms for more flexibility with IDPA stages where rounds can impact the berm.
-      Move concrete wall to  outside behind/side indoor range to protect archery shooters on newer archery field - As part of indoor range backstop repair, there will be steel added to walls to cover this concern. - Mike Gadoury and Tom Wilczek.
- IDPA/Steel needs adequate check-in shack, important if parking is moved to behind the action bays

Archery Range Improvements / Wish List

- Extend Archery building to make it "longer" to afford more types of archery events.....could also be used as venue for air rifle silhouette
- Improved/new Archery field (90 meters) and covering on the shooting line. New field is in place thanks to Dennis Crawford. Needs grass and Positions cover.
- Look into options for the target wall (long lasting, durable, cost effective). 
-      Partitions so the building could be used for meeting but not shut down for shooting. Would allow registration, classes, meetings, etc while still keeping the range open
- Grants, donations, fund raising events.  It was reported that Corporate sponsors would be interested in funding improvements
- Interior renovations – floor covering, cabinets, interior storage. Peter J lead a clean up effort and added some cabinet space.

Clubhouse / Indoor Firearm Range

- Improve lighting on indoor range - DONE via NRA grant. Thanks Dennis Crawford and Tom Wilczek.
- Add an modern indoor range (multi divided sections), Location not sure but could be at the end of the road on the left on spit of land that is not part of the wetlands
o Motorized target positions
o Latest air and filtration and backstop 
o Steel plate on side walls to keep rounds from escaping and potentially entering the archery building.
- Fix up the club house inside and out . To what extent? Gradual or just “go for it”? Many improvements. Multipurpose space thanks to Gadoury's. New floor, fixtures managed by Andy Nash. New windows. New Backstop done - Mike G, and Tom
- Separate Function hall with kitchen. Zero chance a kitchen could be attached to the shooting range due to health regulations


  • Make trailer behind clubhouse useable for storage, or get rid of it. - Done
  • Improve roads – under way Done
  • Land use.  What are the true boundaries and can we more effectively use our current property?  Are there contiguous land parcels we should look at acquiring? Update, we have a piece of land on the bow side that could be used for camping. This is at the end of Evergreen Drive. Done via Survey 
  • Parking improvements. More parking, more parking lots to keep overlapping events separated. Done, Silhouette side cleared via Dennis, Archery field moved
  • IDPA ranges Add more bays, have a few longer bays? Berms added to Silhouette 
  • Expand parking for clubhouse / Archery Done, Archery needs to use new field
  • Designated camping facilities
  • Power to enable campers to plug in.  Make it appealing as a club to travel to. Silhouette has some campers currently for bigger events. 
  • Electrical power, phone, internet to all ranges/outbuildings
  • Disaster Plan.  In the event we had an "event" are we ready?  Do we have a disaster recovery plan in place to avoid being shut down?
  • Septic system inspection/upgrade Done. Thanks Tom Wilczek!
  • Electronic key cards for access (gives us automatic sign in)
  • Digital signage (later expand to other areas such as archery building?) Done. Thanks Kyle Michaels
  • Outdoor pavillion BBQ pit
  • Add safe loading unloading area near parking lot(s) (3 sided berms?) Jon Wolf wanted to head this up.


  • Designated separate classroom(s) (Hunters Ed, NRA, Law Enforcement, meetings, rent out) Update: these could be portable buildings, need to check out Sig Academy
  • More pro active in having guest instructors/ schools
Funding/fund Raising

  • Forest management.  SHould we being more active in forestry planning?  We raised $15,000 with trees.....every 15's free money.  Done. Trees were havested by Hopkington Forestry via Dennis Crawford.
  • Put land into designated conservation for tax/good will purposes
  • Allow "recreational" use on portions of the property for tax purposes
  • Major gift planning.  Would folks leave Pioneer in their will???  Should we be asking?
  • Apply for any available grants for club improvements. Someone needs to be in charge of researching and applying for these. Dennis has taken the lead on NRA grants.
  • New opportunities for facilities be rented out? If we had a separate event area/ meeting area.

I think the following Firearm Range efforts are worth further planning

Concrete pad for silhouette range347%
Longer rifle range6814%
Steel gongs for rifle range4610%
Noise control for neighbors347%
Outdoor lead management & recycling439%
Covered berm for year round shooting6814%
Lengthen multipurpose bay to official 25meters5311%
Remove the concrete wall on multipurpose153%
Check in shack for Action bays184%
Add more parking near action bays306%
Secure storage for Props347%
Air gun range204%

I think the following Archery Range efforts are worth further planning

Lengthen the Archery building1810%
Move the archery field to behind the archery building3117%
Improve the target wall2413%
Have more fundraising events1810%
Go after grants/donations3922%
Movable partitions for flexible use (registration, meetings, classroom)169%
Better floor covering127%
Add cabinets/storage158%

I think the following Indoor Range efforts are worth further planning

Improve lighting on the range3410%
Build a new modern indoor range4011%
Fix up the clubhouse inside5415%
Fix up the clubhouse outside3711%
Build a separate function hall with kitchen226%
Add additional sound proofing309%
Add cabinets/storage in the back185%
New chairs for clubhouse267%
Add Wi/Fi internet access309%
Change blackboards to whiteboards216%
Install a projector or LCD screen195%
Build separate classroom(s)154%

I think the following Site & additional efforts are worth further planning

Parking improvements478%
More action bays274%
Dedicated steel challenge bays285%
Designated camping area with facilities142%
Run Power, phone, internet to all ranges/outbuiliding224%
Create a disaster/emergency plan417%
Septic inspection/upgrade295%
Move to key card access529%
Restore bathrooms near silhouette range325%
Outdoor pavilion with BBQ335%
Designate Safe loading/unloading area near parking areas366%
Logging property and forest management427%
Create a benefactor program173%
Pursue grants488%
Improve the club's road sign224%
Allow dial in for club meetings213%
Provide more training opportunities468%
Invite guest instructors/schools437%