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AED Policy

Pioneer Sportsman, Inc.

AED Policy
Pioneer Sportsman, Inc. has purchased an Automatic Emergency Defibrillator (AED) for use in emergency situations.

The AED unit is currently secured / stored in the Director’s Room/closet in the main building. The AED hangs on a hook located on the inside wall on left side of the doorway. The AED shall be stored there until deployed for events being held on Pioneer range(s). AED hooks will be located at various locations where major events are held on regular occasions. A small “First Aid” or “AED” sign will be placed over the hook for recognition.

Attached to the AED carrying pack is a Bullet Wound First Aid Kit and a Pocket Masks for CPR.

On the Silhouette Range, at the Statisticians Shed, when facing the Stat. Shack from the range a hook on the side of the overhang;

The 50 yard Bullseye Range, the left side of the overhead cover;

The IDPA shed: facing the shed on the Right hand outside corner;

and at the Archery Building, a hook on the inside of the door.

When a major event is held at Pioneer Sportsman, the Match Director or his designee should obtain the AED with the attached first aid equipment from the Directors Closet, and post it at the most appropriate location for emergency access if needed.

If more than one event is being held at PSI, then the Match Directors will decide which location is most suitable.

The Match Director or his designee shall advise both the Range Officers working the event, and the attendees of the match of the AED and first aid equipment location during the pre-match Safety Briefing. The Match Director or his designee shall be responsible for returning the AED to the Directors closet when the day’s event is over.

The AED status light blinks green when in the GOOD CONDITION. If the LED light flashes any color but green contact the Board of Directors ASAP so the unit can be fixed.

If the Defibrillation / Monitoring Pad packet is opened whether or not they are placed on a patient/ victim, Notify the Board of Directors.