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Range Rules Test

Pioneer Range Rules Safety Testing Policy

a) All firearm members take the WHOLE test (archery, general, firearm ranges). Firearm members include all full members that are not designated specifically as "archery only" that have not already taken 2nd orientation or a membership date of February 28, 2013 or earlier
b) "Archery only" members take the archery and general sections of the test only 
c) Members must declare prior to taking test whether they are firearm or archery only 
d) Passing grade is 80% or higher 
e) The test is open book and will be taken on line, the answers can be found in the PSI Range Rules
f) Each member gets two attempts to obtain a passing score. If not successful after two attempts they have to take the 2nd orientation class (including shooting qual.) 
g) After successfully passing the test a firearm member needs to contact a RSO ( contact information can be found on the web site under Directors /Officers section) for the shooting qualification. The shooting qualification is the same as for the 2nd orientation. This consists of shooting 10 rounds (with at least 1 reload) at a full size IDPA target at 50 feet.  All 10 rounds must hit within the target.  If using a pistol, ammo must be appropriate for the indoor range.  You may use a rifle, but all 10 rounds must hit the "zero" deduction area of the IDPA target (8"circle in middle of target).  You have 3 attempts.  No laser sights allowed.

Exempt from the shooting qualification are the following groups 
  • Restricted Range access members (R1, R2)
  • IDPA classified shooters of Marksmen or above
  • Silhouette shooter NRA class B or above
  • Bullseye shooter with average of 220 out of 300
  • NRA ranked Sharpshooter or above
  • Air gun shooter with average of 420 out of 600 or above
  • Steel Challenge shooter with a score of 125 or less on 5 stage course
h) If firearm member fails shooting qual. they have to take a safe gun handling course prior to retaking the shooting qual. They are also not allowed to use club firearm facilities until successfully completing shooting qual 
i) Archery only members do not take shooting qual. 
j) Firearm members have to complete both test and shooting qualification prior to September 15, 2015. If they do not, they have to go through the complete 2nd orientation including safe gun handling course before they can renew their membership. This must be completed before December 1, 2015. Archery only members need only to pass the test before September 15

k) Life members who do not complete/meet the deadlines remain life members but are denied a new key until the requirements are met 
l) After successfully passing test and shooting qualification you will receive a confirming e-mail 

If you are an archery only member take the Archery Only Test

If you are a firearms member take the Full Member Test

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