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Steel Challenge

Pioneer Sportsmen Steel Challenge

General Overview:

Our mission is to provide a venue for Steel Challenge (SCSA) shooting and matches and to promote safe, fair and fun participation in Steel Shooting competition. Pioneer’s outdoor shooting bays are well suited for steel challenge stages and we have first-class equipment that allow us to offer up to eight standard Steel Challenge stages at every match. We’re known for our capable, experienced and friendly staff.

Steel challenge is a unique shooting discipline in many ways. The simple and consistent layout combined with a mostly stationary shooter and multiple strings is well suited to shooters of all ages and levels. In addition, the many divisions offered means that virtually any style gun may be used for competition as long as they are rim fire or pistol caliber. Each division is scored separately so shooters can directly compare themselves with their peers. Although the stages are rather simple, the goal is to shoot each stage as quickly as possible and even the quickest and most experienced shooters continue to strive to overcome their limitations and improve their performance.

Matches are typically held the first Saturday of every month April through November.

We offer all divisions: Carry Optics, Iron Sight Revolver, Limited, Open, Optical Sight Revolver, Production, Single Stack, PCC Iron, PCC Optics, RF Rifle Iron, RF Rifle Open, RF Pistol Iron, RF Pistol Open.

Each match usually has 4 to 5 standard Steel Challenge stages and 1 to 2 "outlaw" stages to keep things fun and interesting.

The public is welcome at all matches, our basic requirement is proper equipment and safe gun handling.

2019 Match Schedule

April 6 - Register

May 4 - Match

June 1 - Match

July 6 - Match

August 3 - Match

September 7 - Match

September 28 - Match

November 2 - Match

Note: Match and Range specific rule (violation subject to match DQ):

Cold range; empty magazine well and no rounds in chamber.

Please observe PSI range rule of muzzle direction kept below top of berms, even when reloading.

Match policies and procedures for 2019:

Pre-registration and early registration only. No walk-ons after start of match.

Pre-registration and scores at Practiscore.com

On-site registration and payment from 7:45 AM to 8:45 AM on match day

Assigned and roaming squads (based on gun count instead of shooter count)

Multiple guns/runs allowed at some matches; please register with each gun/run on Practiscore.com on same squad when allowed

Please check match description on Practiscore for multi-gun policy for each match

Match fees (all guns/runs): $15 for PSI members, $20 for non-members, juniors (under 18 on first day of match) shoot free

Safety briefing at 8:45 AM and match begins at 9:00 AM

Four to eight stages depending on match (typically six)

Scores will be uploaded to USPSA and count toward shooter classification (if SCSA/USPSA member)

Driving Directions:

  • Get off of Interstate 89 at Exit 2, Clinton Street/State Highway 13. 
  • Make a left turn at the end of the exit ramp to proceed west on Clinton Street/State Highway 13. 
  • Travel west for 3 1/2 miles until you see our large white sign with black lettering on the right. 
  • Turn right at the sign and you will see our facilities. 
 Most GPS units will direct you to the entrance if you enter: 1046 Clinton Street Dunbarton, NH
GPS coordinates of the Pioneer Sportsmen are:

At the intersection with Clinton St and Farrington Rd.
N 43 degrees 09.080'
W 71 degrees 37.377'

At the intersection of Farrington Rd. and the parking lot.
N 43 degrees 09.232'
W 71 degrees 37.343'
Note: Google Maps incorrectly lists this as Farrington Corner Rd. If your smartphone uses google maps, you can use that address.

the correct address is 21 Farrington Rd which is not found on most GPS units. Use the GPS coordinates.

For questions or more information: Contact Doug Fuller (fuldo@comcast.net)