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Metallic Silhouette

The season started on May 18-19th and we had a great turn out with both new and old faces saddling up to knock down some animals.  We also had a great turn out for new shooters on Saturday with more newbies than veterans for our "mock" match at the end of the day.  26 shooters shot 49 matches on Sunday which was a great start to the season.

Be sure to check out the schedule and if you wish to see a summary of all current and past results, check out this link below.  The year will be filled in as we go along.


The above notice updated 05/20/2013

updated 12/7/2012

To appeal to people at all levels of marksmanship and/or the type of equipment they own or have an interest in, we offer 10 different ways to play the Silhouette game when you come to a match. New shooters can shoot what we call Club Rifle which uses a scope and shoots at the large (1/2 scale) animals. To encourage youth, they can shoot supported as well. When you become addicted, you can sign up for the NRA approved matches and get fully involved.  For Hunter Pistol types, you just dive right in, there is no beginner option.  The good news, you only shoot at the 1/2 scale targets as seen in black in the above picture. 

NRA Smallbore Rifle

NRA Smallbore Hunter Rifle
Scoring Shack

NRA Smallbore Cowboy
NRA Pistol Cartridge Cowboy
NRA Cowboy Lever Action (only shot at http://www.pemi.org)
NRA Hunter pistol
NRA Hunter pistol Scoped
NRA Smallbore Hunter pistol
NRA Smallbore Hunter pistol Scoped
Club Smallbore Rifle Scoped. (any scoped .22 rimfire)
Club Smallbore Rifle Iron Sight (any non scoped .22 rimfire)

Smallbore Rifle & Hunting Rifle

Targets are regulation 1/5th size NRA cast animals, rimfire only.

- NRA Smallbore Rifle
- NRA Smallbore Hunter Rifle

In summary, the Smallbore Rifle can have any trigger weight, bull barrel, thumb-hole stock and can weigh up to 10 lbs 2 oz.  Also called the "Heavy gun".  Whereas the Smallbore Hunter Rifle must have a 2 lb trigger pull, must have a tapered barrel, conventional stock and cannot weigh more than 8 lbs 8 oz.    If you're interested in starting the game, bring what you own and don't get hung up on the rules.

Distances are:
- Chicken 40 Meters
- Pigs 60 Meters
- Turkey 77 Meters
- Rams 100 Meters       

Firing is standing, offhand.

Cowboy Rifle

- NRA Cowboy Pistol Cartridge Lever Action
- NRA Smallbore Cowboy (rimfire)

Targets and distances are same as handguns.  Rimfire shoots on "thin" and Pistol cartridge shoots on "thick" animals.  Here is an excerpt from the NRA rule book (link at bottom) as to what cartridges fall in the "pistol cartridge" family.  And yes, you can use a rimfire on the thick pistol cartridge animals, but you might leave a few rams standing.  See "Thin & Thick" discussion below to fully understand the challenge.

Pistol Cartridge Rifle:  A. Any lever action rifle with a tubular magazine. A rimmed pistol cartridge loaded with a round or flat
nosed bullet must be used, i.e. 25-20, 32-20, 38's, 357 Magnum, 38-40, 44's, 44-40, 45 Colt, 45 Long
Colt, .22 Magnum, .22 long rifle.

Smallbore Cowboy:  A. Any lever action, pump, or semi-auto rimfire rifle with a tubular magazine. .22 long rifle ammunition only.
Hyper velocity ammunition prohibited.

Handgun aka Hunter Pistol

- NRA Hunter Pistol  (centerfire*)
- NRA Hunter Pistol Open Sight  (centerfire*)
- NRA Smallbore Hunter Pistol
- NRA Smallbore Hunter Pistol Open Sight

Targets are 1/2 size.  Rimfire shoots on "thin" animals where as Centerfire shoots on "thick" animals.  Sizes are the same, just the thickness of teh steel is different to handle the more powerful loads.  More details can be found above by going to the NRA Pistol Rules, link found at bottom of page.

Distances are:
- Chicken 40 Meters
- Pigs 50 Meters
- Turkey 75 Meters
- Rams 100 Meters

Firing is standing, offhand. 

* The following are the allowable cartridges per the NRA.

3.1.2 Hunter’s Pistol Cartridges - Only the following pistol cartridges may be used: .22 rimfire, .22 Hornet,
.25-20, .270 Ren., .30 carbine, .32, .3220, 9mm, .357, .357 Auto Mag., all standard .38 and .380 pistol and
revolver cartridges, 10mm, .40 S&W, .41 AE, .41, .44 and .45 caliber identical in exterior case dimensions to
unaltered factory pistol cases. Maximum case length for 9mm, .357 (and .38), .41, .44 and .45 shall be established
as that of a 9mm Steyr (0.90”), .357 S & W Mag. (1.29”), .41 S & W Mag. (1.28”), .44 Auto Mag. (1.298”) and .45
Colt (1.29”) 10mm (1.00”), .41 AE (0.866”), .40 S&W (0.847”) respectively.

Club Rifle Scoped and Club Rifle Iron Sight


Any .22 Rimfire Rifles.  This is a local NH format which is intended to be fun and is the best place for new shooters to get their feet wet.  This event is not a NRA class and therefore no NRA awards, long runs, grand slams exist.  It is just a way to have fun for new shooters, youth, spouses etc.  Our belief, if you hit something you're going to have fun.  This is the easiest course of fire and likely to be the most rewarding.  No complicated equipment rules, just shoot what you own and if it's fun, come on back.  Get bit by the bug, talk to anyone and find out more.

1/2 Size targets

- Scoped.  Shoot on "thick" animals.
- Iron sight.  Shoot on "thin" animals.

Distances are:
- Chickens 40 meters
- Pigs 50 meters
- Turkeys 75 meters
- Rams 100 Meters        

Firing is standing, offhand.        

All Events Held Simultaneously        

Pioneer's matches are held the 3rd Sunday of each month, May thru October.  See Master Schedule for exact dates at all NH clubs.

Matches usually start at 9:00am and wind down around 2 to 3pm depending on attendance.  Match directors and volunteers typically get to the range to set up starting at 7 am.  I can assure you, match directors and veterans will welcome you and do whatever they can to help a new shooter who shows up early to help!

A word about Thin & Thick Animals:
What does it all mean?  Thick animals have enough strength to take a centerfire bullet from either a Hunter Pistol or Pistol Cartridge Lever Gun.  This added thickness or toughness makes them heavier.  This then can make things interesting for rimfire shooters who must knock over a heavier target 100m away.  A center or low hit with a rimfire on a 100m thick ram which weighs 14 lbs will often just sit on the rail and laugh at you.  For those interested, here are the weights in LBS for 1/2 scale animals at Pioneer.  They would be generally the same at all Silhouette ranges.

                    Thin            Thick
Chicken        2.5                2.5    (since they are so close the thickness is the same for either rimefire or centerfire.)
Pig                4.5                6.75
Turkey          4.25              6.0
Ram              7.5              14.0

A word about Size.  Full scale, half scale and 1/5th scale.
Full scale, paint can, 1/5th scale and 1/2 scale for comparison

To the right you can see a picture for reference showing all three sizes of Ram.  On the left we have a full scale ram which is only shot at PEMI.  But, it also shows the relative size of a 1/5th scale and 1/2 scale animal in comparison to a can of paint.  Full scale is shot in CLA (Cowboy Lever Action) at PEMI using their 200y range.  The other two (smaller) sizes are shot at Pioneer at 100m.  The 1/2 scale ram (far right) is shot with SBC (Smallbore Cowboy) which is your typical Marlin 39A or Winchester 9422.  Basically any tube fed, non bolt gun.  An over simplication for sure.  The same size animal but in "THICK" form (discussed above) is shot by PCCLA (Pistol Cartridge Cowboy Lever Action).  For all those lever gun lovers out there, if it a "pistol cartridge" and it is in a lever gun, this is your sport!  There is no better way to enjoy a 32-40 in a nice or Winchester or Marlin.  Even if all you have a 22 lever gun, you can still do well but get ready to have a few rams stand tall even after you land a clean hit.  40 grain bullets at 100m can lose to the 14 lb animal. 

For fun we also invite new shooters to partake in "Club Rifle" where they can shoot the 1/2 scale animals with scoped or iron sights.  Not an NRA "sanctioned" event but a great way to get started.

Silhouette info above updated for new shooters or those wanting to learn more about the sport.  For a full schedule and various topics relating to the silhouette game go to 2013 New Hampshire Silhouette Schedule.  There is also a basic write up about what the sport is all about.

Updated Oct 15, 2011

The 2011and 2012 season has come to a close.  If you want to get involved by either shooting, volunteering or both, contact Jud Durant, email below.  For past results go to Silhouette Results.  At this link you will find years of match results for all three NH clubs that hold NRA approved Silhouette matches.

Our programs and the number of attendees have grown dramatically in recent years and we have recently decided to double the number of events we hold each month.      

You may view NRA Silhouette Rifle Rules and NRA Silhouette Pistol Rules here.

For information or if you want to be added to the North East Silhouette email distribution list, contact Jud Durant at email or 603-746-3040.

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